Awaiting replacement's photoWebsite Developer

Awaiting replacement
Status: Volunteer/Contractor

Job Description

Appointed by: SOA Board

Period of tenure: Not limited

Reporting: Regular standard report to Marketing & Development Director


  1. Ensure up to date information is available to the SOA membership.
  2. Encourage a wide range of articles that will reflect orienteering in Scotland and appeal to the SOA membership.
  3. Be a method of communication between the SOA Board and the SOA Membership.
  4. Provide SOA members with easy access to various administrative details (forms / information, etc).
  5. Provide links to and maintenance of the National Centre website

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Decide and agree with the key people about the content management of their delegated areas of the website.
  • Receive and publish information relevant to SOA members.
  • Provide useful, up to date links to other websites.
  • Liaise with the SOA Newsletter editor regarding to news / articles.

Pro-forma for reporting (“Nothing to report” is permitted!)

Headings should include:

  1. New ideas / initiatives / achievements.
  2. Any issues / areas of concern regarding the websites.
  3. Any action required from the Board.

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