Richard Oxlade's photoStrategy Director

Richard Oxlade
Status: Director

Job Description

Appointed by: Membership

Period of tenure: 3 years, renewed annually

Hours of work: Voluntary

Reporting to: The SOA Board of Directors (who are also Trustees of the charity); Annual General Meeting

Overall Aim

Responsible for the development and leadership of SOA’s strategic planning and practice, developing strategic solutions to suit SOA’s needs and managing their measurement.

Specific duties and responsibilities

  • Coordinate the creation of a Strategy matched to the sportscotland 4-year funding cycle
  • With the COO, lead on the creation of Annual Plans that are designed to deliver the Strategy
  • Match the Strategy to performance measures
  • Review the Strategy annually to ensure it is fit for purpose
  • Offer strategic advice to other Directors in areas such as marketing, the SOA budget, communications, partnerships
  • Offer advice to staff in areas such as project planning and management

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