Pauline McAdam's photoSecretary

Pauline McAdam
Status: Director
Club: RR

Job Description

(Updated February 2017)

Appointed by: SOA Membership

Period of tenure: Three years (maximum of two terms)

Reporting: Standard report to SOA Board as required


Administer the business of the SOA Board as directed by the SOA Board.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Board meetings (normally 4 per year). Arrange venue, collation of reports, circulation of Agenda and relevant reports, prepare minutes and action sheet from the meeting, circulation of minutes to SOA Board, Chief Operating Officer (COO), website manager, 6-Day Company Directors.
  • Liaise with COO over Board business
  • Maintain the Register of Directors’ Interests and the schedule of Key Dates for Board business
  • Monitor the progress of Action Items from Board business
  • Agree the annual budget for Board expenses with the Finance Director
  • Correspondence: receive and take appropriate action with correspondence addressed to SOA Secretary.
  • Scottish Orienteering 6-Day Event Co. Ltd.: attend the 6-Day event AGM as a shareholder; receive copies of the minutes of the AGM and Directors’ Meetings.

Pro-forma for reporting (“Nothing to report” is permitted!)

Headings should include:

  1. Any issues regarding correspondence received.
  2. Register of Interests.
  3. Any action required from the Board on matters not covered above.

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