Jon Musgrave & Esther Gooch's photoScotJOS Team Managers

Jon Musgrave & Esther Gooch
Status: Volunteer

Job Description

Appointed by: Scottish Orienteering Board

Period of tenure: 4 years

Reporting: Regular standard report to Performance Director


  1. Identify talented Scottish athletes for squad inclusion
  2. Organise an effective and safe yearly squad programme that supports athletes to develop their full potential
  3. Ensure that Scotland is represented by the best possible team at all junior fixtures (e.g. JHI, JIRC)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Plan a comprehensive programme of domestic and foreign training camps, registering all training events with the Fixtures Secretary
  • Chair a selection process to set selection criteria and select athletes for squad and team places
  • Set and monitor a budget for the annual programme, liaising with the Performance Director regarding budget allocation
  • Coordinate arrangements for travel, accommodation, staffing, communications, training and entries as required for each training camp or competition
  • Recruit volunteers to assist with domestic and foreign training camps
  • Ensure appropriate risk management and child protection procedures are in place
  • Inform parents of squad or team members of the arrangements and individuals’ financial contributions for all activities and ensure parental consent is given
  • Encourage squad members to apply for grant assistance and write reports for grant awarding bodies where required
  • Ensure Scottish junior interests are represented at relevant meetings where rule changes, fixture dates or regional squad arrangements may be discussed. Represent Scottish interests in discussions regarding junior competition formats and JROS representation
  • Submit regular reports on activities and finances to the Performance Director
  • Publish the activities and successes of the Junior Squad through articles in Score and on the Scottish Orienteering website
  • Organise and appoint officials for the annual Scottish junior inter-club competition, the Jamie Stevenson Trophy

Pro-forma for reporting (“Nothing to report” is permitted!)

  1. Headings should include:
  2. Training planned and executed
  3. Squad successes
  4. Issues regarding training programme, staffing, safety, finance, etc.
  5. Child Protection Issues
  6. Any action required from Board

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