Sarah Dunn's photoRegional Development Officer (North)

Sarah Dunn
Status: Employee

Job Description

Appointed by: SOA President

Period of tenure: As specified

Hours of work: As specified

Geographical area of work: As specified

Reporting: Regular reports to the SOA Chief Operating Officer.


  • Promote and publicise the sport of orienteering, especially in local communities and schools
  • Closely liaise with the clubs to support them in strengthening their range of activities with the aim of increasing participation and club membership
  • Ensure that the local clubs have access to a programme of training for coaches, event officials and other volunteers
  • Support schools to introduce orienteering and to link to the local club especially where it involves integration into the mainstream sport

Specific duties

  • At the outset, develop an action plan of focussed development projects that is in line with the Aims of the job and the clubs’ own development plans
  • Scope out opportunities for development projects and partnerships within the region, such as with other sports or outdoor groups
  • Attend public events at which organisations or individuals are present who might present development opportunities
  • Maintain close contact with the clubs in order to support them in their activities within the community
  • Create partnerships with local schools and the Active Schools Network in order to expand school uptake of orienteering
  • Aim to organise a local schools league or festival
  • Arrange for Teaching Orienteering courses to take place
  • Promote and arrange training opportunities for club members’ volunteering and skills development
  • Carry out an active advertising campaign for local events with schools, parent groups and other community groups who might be attracted to orienteering
  • Maintain close contact with local media, invite them to significant events/activities and regularly submit articles to their publications

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