Richard Oxlade's photoPresident

Richard Oxlade
Status: Director
Club: ESOC

Job Description

Appointed by: Membership

Period of tenure: Three years, renewed annually

Reporting: To SOA Board; Annual General Meeting


  • Guide and oversee the affairs of the SOA
  • Be the “public face” of the SOA
  • Through delegation, drive the development of the sport of orienteering in Scotland

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Chair all General Meetings of the SOA.
  • Chair Board meetings as required (minimum 3 per year).
  • Deliver and maintain the SOA Strategic and Annual Plan’s objectives and metrics.
  • Promote orienteering in Scotland.
  • Promote and administer the rules and policies of the SOA.
  • Take responsibility for the SOA’s Equality and Diversity Policy and act as its Champion
  • Uphold the charitable aims of the SOA.
  • Recruit Directors, Co-ordinators, Volunteers and Professional staff to conduct the business of the SOA.
  • Take an overarching role in the direction and management of the National Centre and Professional Staff.
  • Deliver the financial management of the SOA’s affairs.
  • Ensure that annual reviews and funding bids are submitted appropriately.
  • Communicate with the membership and clubs via a regular article in SCORE and other media as appropriate.
  • Ensure SOA communicates with the wider audience through its website and other media.
  • Seek the views of the membership and clubs and consider all views equally.
  • Liaise with British Orienteering and review their meeting Minutes and Committee activity regarding matters pertinent to the SOA.
  • Develop stakeholder liaison, especially with sportscotland, Event Scotland, the Scottish Sports Association, environmental bodies and land owners.
  • Represent the SOA on the Scottish Orienteering 6-Day Event Co, Ltd.
  • Manage media interest in the SOA and its activities.
  • Present prizes and awards, including the President’s Medal.

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