Graham Gristwood's photoPerformance Director

Graham Gristwood
Status: Director
Club: FVO

Job Description

Appointed by: SOA Membership

Period of tenure: Annual

Reporting: Regular standard report to SOA Board


  1. Accountable for the management of the Squads (Junior, Vets, Seniors)
  2. Assist the development of the Elite Orienteers
  3. Highlight to the Board any Performance opportunities to the SOA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Accountability for squad selection and management
  • Deployment of coaches for elite orienteers
  • Achieving performance targets
  • Liaising with BOF squads
  • Talented Athlete Programme and elite funding and support
  • Liaison with sports science resources and Institute
  • Liaison with technical support at Achieving Excellence team in sportscotland
  • Link to Marketing and Communications Director regarding promotion of sports success
  • Recruiting squad managers and support volunteers to assist in the role

Pro-forma for reporting (“Nothing to report” is permitted!)

Headings should include:

  1. Achievements to date
  2. Future plans
  3. Opportunities and Risks

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