Claire Macpherson's photoPartnership Director

Claire Macpherson
Status: Director

Job Description

Elected by: SOA Membership

Period of tenure: Annual

Reporting: Regular standard report to SOA Board


  1. Manage and day to day relationships with orienteering organisations, e.g. BOF, other National Organisations
  2. Manage and day to day relationships with funding and awards bodies
  3. Manage and day to day relationships with Nature and Access bodies
  4. Manage day to day relationships with National and Local Administrative bodies, e.g. Scottish Parliament, Local Authorities and Education Authorities
  5. Highlight to the Board any Partnership opportunities to the SOA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • BOF. Liaise with BOF regarding matters pertinent to the SOA.
  • Relationship with Scottish Schools Orienteering Association
  • Relationship with sportscotland and SNH
  • Coordinating major funding reviews and submissions to partners
  • Working with international orienteering bodies to attract events to Scotland
  • Relations with key stakeholders (e.g. Glenmore, RSPB, etc.)
  • Recruiting coordinators and support volunteers to assist in the role

Pro-forma for reporting (“Nothing to report” is permitted!)

Headings should include:

  1. Achievements to date
  2. Future plans
  3. Opportunities and Risks

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