Keith Roberts's photoOperations Director

Keith Roberts
Status: Director

Job Description

Appointed by: SOA Membership

Period of tenure: Annual; renewable in accordance with SOA Articles

Reporting to: The SOA Board

Overall Aim

Provide strategic leadership and have oversight of the day-to-day events and activities of the SOA and its affiliated clubs in the sport of orienteering in Scotland.

Highlight to the SOA Board any operational opportunities or risks.

Act as a Trustee of the SOA Charity.

Specific duties and responsibilities

  • Liaise with SOA staff, especially the Events Manager and Education Officer, to ensure the delivery of:
  • Appropriate land access for the development of orienteering
  • Procurement and management of mapping and maps as relevant to SOA
  • Procurement and management of any equipment required for SOA activities or events
  • Procurement and management of electronic systems as relevant to SOA
  • The practical delivery of international and GB events in Scotland
  • Recruitment and training of coordinators and support volunteers to assist at activities and events
  • The implementation of the British Orienteering Rules of Orienteering.
  • In collaboration with The Fixtures Secretary and the Competitions Convener:
  • Ensure an appropriate annual programme of fixtures and competitions across Scotland
  • Uphold the aims and objectives of the SOA Charity.

Pro-forma for reporting

  1. Future plans, incorporated into the SOA’s Annual Plan.
  2. Reports to each Board meeting under the headings: points for information, points for discussion and or decision, progress on Actions.
  3. As and when appropriate, strategic reports to the Board on achievements, opportunities, risks in the area of operations.

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