Vacant - recruitment in process's photoEducation Manager

Vacant - recruitment in process
Status: Employee

Job Description

Appointed by: SOA President, on behalf of Board, via interview panel

Period of tenure: Permanent

Hours of work: 3 days per week

Place of work: National Centre, Glenmore Lodge and home working

Reporting to: SOA Chief Operating Officer, acting as Line Manager, and Development Director

Overall Aim

Co-ordinate programme of education for coaches, teachers, event officials and club officials to meet the needs of the sport in Scotland.

Main enabling tasks

Conduct appropriate research to identify training needs within the orienteering community and in accord with the SOA Strategic Plan
Constantly review and update course programme, content, delivery mechanisms
Manage tutor workforce

Duties and responsibilities

  • devise & maintain policies, procedures & schedules, monitor and report against plan
  • liaise with other organisations eg. sportscotland, SQA, British Orienteering
  • regularly review course content and delivery mechanisms, explore alternatives
  • provide on-line learning materials (eg. Condes User Guide), templates and samples
  • arrange dates, venues, tutor, assessor and internal verifier; administer bookings, payments, certification
  • calculate budgets, develop promotional material and publicise courses
  • maintain records for coaches, learners and tutors; periodically review CPD logs
  • print/assemble course materials, supply to tutor
  • maintain equipment and books for loan to coaches, tutors etc.
  • identify potential (self-employed) tutors as required, signpost to sportscotland training
  • advise on training pathways, funding etc., signpost training from other providers

Training programmes currently offered:

  • Coach education:
    • Coaching Foundation
    • UKCC Levels 1, 2 & 3
    • Coach CPD, Tutor CPD, coaching weekends
  • Teacher CPD (Teaching Orienteering courses/modules)
  • Young Leader Award
  • Volunteers’ Weekend and Officials’ training:
    • Organisers’ workshop
    • Event Safety & Welfare workshop
    • Controllers’ courses
    • Course Planning workshop
    • Condes workshop
    • OCAD workshop

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