Mark Nixon's photoCompetitions Coordinator

Mark Nixon
Status: Volunteer
Club: FVO

Job Description

Appointed by: SOA Board

Period of tenure: Not limited

Reporting: Regular report to Operations Director, to coincide with SOA board meetings


  • Ensure a good balance of competitions throughout Scotland.
  • Be responsible for convening Scottish National Competitions and UK National level competitions when held in Scotland.
  • To maintain close links to:
    • Fixtures Secretary to ensure smooth articulation of events.
    • Events Manager for matters relating to major events, mapping and access issues
    • SOA clubs to identify issues related to putting on national events
    • Operations Director to ensure regular revision of the competition calendar and relevant rules and guidelines and as a gateway in general for other support

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Liaise with clubs to allocate national events, ensuring an appropriate geographical spread and a fair rota.
  • Approve areas as appropriate for national competitions, seeking input from level A/B controllers where needed.
  • Liaise with the Fixtures Secretary to ensure that dates for events are aligned.
  • Lead on proposing, maintaining and distributing rules for national competitions in consultation with the SOA membership and the Operations Director, and for formal approval by the Board.
  • Following consultation with the SOA membership and the Operations Director, draft proposals to introduce new national competitions or remove existing ones, for formal approval by the Board.
  • Maintaining contact on behalf of SOA with appropriate BOF committees and individuals.
  • Monitor and maintain standards of national SOA events.
  • Be the contact for SOA members regarding the quality of national events.
  • Be aware of relevant British Orienteering rules and guidelines.

Pro-forma for reporting (“Nothing to report” is permitted!)

Headings could include:

  1. Reports on quality of events within scope, including areas of concern.
  2. Proposed changes / updates to SOA Event Guidelines / Courses.
  3. Any significant changes notified from British Orienteering.
  4. Any action required from the Board.
  5. Any other issues within the portfolio.


At the time of writing, relevant Scottish National competitions are:

  • Scottish Championships:
    • Individual,
    • Relay
    • Night
    • Inter-club
    • Sprint
  • CompassSport Cup/Trophy
  • Scottish Orienteering League

For avoidance of doubt, the Competitions Convenor is not responsible
for the:

  • Scottish 6-days (responsibility lies with the 6-day company)
  • International competitions (JHI, SHI, VHI - responsibility lies with the Performance Director)
  • Local (Level D) and Regional (Level C) events (responsibility lies with clubs or area associations)
  • Scottish Schools Events are under the auspices of SSOA
  • SOUL (coordinated by the Urban League Coordinator)
  • Junior events such as the JST which are the responsibility of the ScotJos team manager.

The role holder however is expected to maintain regular contact with these groups to make sure that the various events and competitions are aligned and meet the needs of these groups, for example where it comes to selection processes.

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