Helen & Tim O'Donoghue's photoCoaching Coordinator

Helen & Tim O'Donoghue
Status: Volunteer

Job Description

Appointed by: SOA Board

Period of tenure: Not limited

Reporting: Regular standard report to the Education Officer


  1. Encourage and facilitate quality coaching (in conjunction with the National Centre).
  2. Ensure the SOA membership is fully informed of all aspects of the British Orienteering Coaching Structure and Awards Scheme.
  3. Ensure the British Orienteering Coaching Award Scheme is relevant to the SOA and Scottish context.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Be aware of British Orienteering Coaching Award Scheme.
  • Represent the SOA on the BOF Coaching Committee (in person or by email).
  • Agree and implement the SOA Coaching Policy.
  • Be aware of the current Child Protection Policies and help with the dissemination of information to coaches.
  • Co-ordinate a comprehensive coach education service to the SOA membership, clubs and external agencies by ensuring that all necessary courses are run in conjunction with the National Orienteering Centre. Actively promote ‘best practice’ to SOA clubs including the co-ordination of the production of suitable resources to assist the work of coaches.
  • Produce, in conjunction with the National Orienteering Centre, an annual plan of coaching and other suitable courses, e.g. First Aid, to be run at suitable locations.
  • Assist Performance Director and Employees set up and run a biannual Performance & Coaching Symposium, Coach Education Day and Personal Performance Day.
  • Encourage people to gain, maintain and upgrade coaching qualifications.
  • Inform people of qualification requirements – for maintaining as well as obtaining qualifications.
  • Input as required into the SOA Strategic Plans and assist with annual reports to Sport Scotland and others as required.
  • Attend the annual British Orienteering Coaching Conference if possible
  • Ensure that the British Orienteering coaching structure is publicised in Scotland and that coaching has a prominent position through Score, web-site and direct email of relevant matters.
  • Assist with the maintenance and publicity of the SOA Coaching Library at the National Orienteering Centre.

Pro-forma for reporting (“Nothing to report” is permitted!)

Headings should include:

  1. Any issues regarding the BOF Coaching Scheme (including UKCC progress).
  2. Courses planned / run – number of attendees, costs, any issues.
  3. Numbers of new coaches trained / qualified.
  4. State of coaching within clubs.
  5. Any change in numbers of active coaches at each grade, highlighting changes and any areas of concern.
  6. Any significant changes notified from British Orienteering.
  7. Any action required from the Board.

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