Fiona Keir's photoChief Operating Officer

Fiona Keir
Status: Employee

Job Description

Appointed by: SOA President

Period of tenure: 2 years in the first instance, with opportunity for extension

Hours of work: 2.5 days per week

Place of work: National Orienteering Centre, Glenmore Lodge

Reporting to: SOA President, acting as Line Manager, and to the SOA Board of Directors (who are also Trustees of the charity).

Overall Aim

To provide operational leadership and strategic support to the Board of the Scottish Orienteering Association (who are also Trustees of the charity) across the areas of governance, planning and human resources. Taking the organisation forward on a day-to-day basis to achieve the objectives set out in the Strategic Plan 2016-2020.

Specific duties and responsibilities

Planning and organisation

  • Serve as internal leader of the Association on the creation, implementation and review of annual operational plans and reporting of outcomes against targets.
  • Establish a monitoring system to demonstrate performance against KPIs and targets
  • Working at a senior level with key partners to create new initiatives to help the growth of the sport


  • Lead and manage the governance of the organisation.
  • Act as Company Secretary.
  • Be accountable to the Chair of the Board for the day-to-day business of the SOA.
  • Put in place and maintain an appropriate and up-to-date set of policies, e.g. HR, Safeguarding in Sport, data protection, financial, IT, health and safety, risk, equality and diversity.
  • Manage staff recruitment, act as line manager and monitor individual performance.
  • Support the Finance Director in the development and monitoring of financial plans.
  • Work with the Partnership Director to maintain and analyse participation and membership data.

Communication and reporting

  • Maintain contact on a regular basis with the Chair of the SOA Board.
  • To report to the Board regularly on the operations of SOA, e.g. at Board meetings.
  • Lead on developing proactive methods of communication between SOA, its members and clubs, its volunteers and officials and outside bodes, such as sportscotland, local authorities, sponsors.
  • Lead and manage reports to Companies House, OSCR and other external partners.


  • Act as the public face of the SOA at conferences, sponsors’ events and with the media as required and, if necessary, represent the President in this capacity.
  • Represent the SOA at business meetings with funding agencies, sponsors, British Orienteering, sportscotland, Scottish Sports Association, OSCR and other partners.
  • Responsible for the line management of the Staff team.
  • As the lead operational member of staff the COO will be expected to develop strong working relationships with the wider membership and key volunteers.

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