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Orienteering Embargos

Roseisle - revised embargo

Orienteering embargos i.e. restricted access apply to certain levels of event.  Major events (previously Level A) and National events (previously Level B)  have embargos in place by default.  The Scottish Orienteering League (SOL) events are classifed as National events and the SOL rules state: "An embargo shall be observed by those wishing to score points in the SOL.  The embargo period is one year, or from the date on which the venue is announced if this is less than a year."  Two year embargos apply to Major events and should be notified through the BOF embargo pages.

27th Jun 18  

Compass Point Scottish O League 2018

League tables after SOL 2 now published.

23rd Apr 18  

Scottish fixtures/competitions

Feedback needed!

SOA Operations Director, Terry O'Brien, would like to hear from members and clubs on their opinions of the current structure of 'Scottish' fixtures and competitions - all events that are currently prefixed by 'Scottish,' and any new ideas, to by 14th May 2018.

29th Mar 18

Compass Point Scottish O League 2017

SOL league tables by Course and Age Class now updated after the final race at SOL7.  A summary of the results for 2017 will be added to this page in due course (and will appear in the next edition of Score).

30th Oct 17  

Scottish Orienteering League 7 - Drummond Hill West

Drummond Hill and beyond from the Amulree to Kenmore Road., Credit:Dr Richard Murray Geograph

Interlopers staged the final SOL of 2017 on the narrow but perfectly formed Drummond Hill on the NE end of Loch Tay.  Final positions in the O-League have been decided, with some major changes for those trying to hold onto a top 10 finish in their age class - some orienteers who had only completed in three previous events or had a poor run had the opportunity to catapult up the results board.  The SOL followed on from Interlopers Urban League event in Livingston, part of their INTrepid weekend.  The event was enhanced with the Junior Inter Area Competition taking place at the same time.

30th Oct 17  

INTrepid weekend 2017

bto SOUL10 & SOL7 - 28 & 29 October

Interlopers are hosting the penultimate race in the Urban League in Livingston and the final Scottish League on Drummond Hill above Loch Tay.

Results are here, including WinSplits and RouteGadget.

27th Oct 17

Scottish Orienteering League 6 - Forvie

The Clothing Dump Pram “Who would believe that the Organiser used to fit into this?” Photo and quote Lyndsey Esson, Credit:Lyndsey Esson

The penultimate Scottish Orienteering League (SOL) event of 2017 was staged by Grampian Orienteers whose website is sub-titled "Take a Run on the Wild Side."  Forvie National Nature Reserve certainly lived up to this billing - in the pre-event information Gramp stated "It’s windswept, it’s wild, it’s wonderful (in our not-so-humble opinion but we’re sure you’ll agree)".  Hurricane Ophelia was somewhere out to the west but still the wind forced the download team and their computers into the back of a van and there was some concern that the controls would be taking off into the North Sea.

16th Oct 17  

SOL6 Forvie

Sunday 15th October

GRAMP are pleased to welcome you all to the amazing landscape at Forvie, guaranteed to keep you on your navigational toes all the way round. Entries close on 8th October.

28th Sep 17  

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