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List of Controllers

List of SOA controllers sorted by club, including their home town - updated 10 June 2018.

At the foot of this web page, there are links to download the SOA application forms for appointment to Grade C controller, and to upgrade to Grade B controller.  (Please use the Word doc in preference to the pdf, if you can.)

Grade B controllers who are interested to upgrade to Grade A should contact the SOA Controllers' Co-ordinator, Rob Hickling, who can advise you on the process for applying to British Orienteering.

04th Oct 17  

Scottish Inter-club championships (SICC), rules and guidelines

Updated May 2017

As in 2016, the Scottish Inter Club Championships (SICC) shall be held in conjunction with the Scottish Individual Championships.

May 2017 updates:

1. BO membership no longer required

2. Courses 17 and 18 to be included to encourage junior participation. These courses will have a more rapidly falling scoring system

3. Large and small clubs will be scored separately.

4. In case of a tie the score of the first runner not be included in the total wil be decisive, continuing down the list as necessary. 

01st May 17  

SOL Competition rules and guidelines

The Scottish Orienteering League provides a series of high quality events; throughout Scotland throughout the season. High quality venues, maps and quality courses are the key aims.
Updated Apr 2017 to clarify that entries are course-based rather than class-based (Guideline 3).

12th Apr 17  

Information sources for Event Officials

SOA logo

This page provides links to various sources of information and guidance for event organisers, planners and controllers.  The page itself and several of the documents listed are being reviewed in 2017;  all constructive comments appreciated.

01st Jan 17  

BTO Urban League guidelines

Scottish Orienteering Urban League Logo

Updated for 2018

SOUL events should follow as closely as possible the comprehensive BOF Urban events guideline (Rules of Orienteering Appendix B, section 11), the Feb 2018 version of which can be found here.

This provides guidance on course lengths, combinations and specific advice regarding safety for juniors.

15th Dec 16  

Start and Finish planning reminders

Common Issues

Although aimed at planners and controllers the rules and guidelines about what happens at the start and finish should be of interest to competitors too.

17th Jun 16  

The Rules of Orienteering

British Orienteering

Updated 1st May 2016

British Orienteering have issued an update to the rules. Some time ago they changed the structure of the documented rules and now most of the information is in one PDF that includes the appendices. There is also a useful guide that highlights the 2015 & 2016 changes. Link to the British Orienteering Rules page

27th May 16

Good Practice Guide to Orienteering and the Environment

The SOA has produced a Good Practice Guide to Orienteering and the Environment in Scotland. The document is written for orienteers, and is intended to assist in securing access to land for events, particularly where there are concerns about nature conservation.

18th Apr 16  

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