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Regular Orienteering Map Programme (ROMP)

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A summer ROMP is now available at Loch Vaa, southeast of the railway line and free of capercaillie restrictions.  There are 16 controls in place, and three recommended courses.  The area is technically difficult and physically challenging in places.

A "summer" ROMP is stillavailable in Glenmore Forest for individual training or organised groups including schools.  The area is rough in places but no control site is more than 100 metres from a road, track or path.

26th Jun 18  

National Centre course schedule

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LATEST ITEMS:  Adult Improvers' Weekend (18-19 August) is NOW FULL; taking bookings for Level 1 Coach course (1-2 September) and Level 2 Coach course (25-26 August), Coaching Foundation 9 September.

13th Apr 18  

Volunteers’ Activity Weekend, 15-17 September 2017

Final details have been sent

Final details and joining instructions for the Volunteers' Weekend have now been e-mailed to all registered participants.  We're all looking forward to an enjoyable weekend of learning and socialising!

05th Sep 17  

Coach Training Opportunities in Scotland

A recent e-mail from British Orienteering described the new coach education offerings south of the border.  In Scotland we will retain THREE levels of assessed coach qualification.

15th Jun 17  

SOA & FVO appoint new Club Development Officer

Chris Smithard

Chris Smithard is the new Forth Valley Club Development Officer

The SOA is delighted to announce the appointment of Chris Smithard as Club Development Officer with Forth Valley Orienteering Club.

17th Mar 17  

British Orienteering Coaching Conference

Upcoming biennial national conference, 14-15th January 2017 in Crewe. Open to any orienteering coaches or orienteers who are interested in coaching. 

15th Nov 16  

Information and resources for coaches

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This page is intended to provide coaches with a single point of access to a variety of information, templates and resources for different aspects of their coaching activity.   Updated 23 March 2018 to update some external links and generally tidy stuff up.

25th Oct 16  

Coach CPD Days for 2016

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Book now for four exciting Coach CPD (Continuous Personal Development) days, 23 April, 25 June, 3 September and 24 September.  We are opening these sessions to coaches of other sports, to get a broad scope of discussion.

18th Mar 16  

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