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SOA/Scottish Capercaillie Group Agreement


2019-2020 Agreement

A revised Agreement between the Scottish Orienteering Association and the Scottish Capercaillie Group on the use of forests for orienteering competitions and training where capercaillie are present is now available.

17th Oct 18  

Orienteering and Access in Scotland

Access all areas, Credit:Colin Matheson

A new guide to Orienteering and Access in Scotland has been produced and is intended to offer guidance to organisers seeking permission to stage events.  

03rd Jan 18  

Forest Enterprise Scotland - Agreement

FCS logo

Updated December 2017

There is a revised Master Agreement & Permissions Procedure now in place with Forest Enterprise Scotland (FES).  This Agreement explains the standard procedure to be followed by all orienteering event organisers seeking to gain permission to hold orienteering events on FES Land.

03rd Jan 18  

Orienteering access - guidance

The Scottish Orienteering Association (SOA) recommends that as a matter of good practice land managers are contacted by organisers of orienteering activities where practicable. Access to Scotland’s outdoors takes place under Scottish access rights, which apply to most land and inland water. These rights must be exercised responsibly, and land managers have to manage their land responsibly with regard to access. 

13th Feb 17  

Good Practice Guide to Orienteering and the Environment

The SOA has produced a Good Practice Guide to Orienteering and the Environment in Scotland. The document is written for orienteers, and is intended to assist in securing access to land for events, particularly where there are concerns about nature conservation.

18th Apr 16  

FCS-SOA Concordat

Clubs are reminded that as part of the current permissions process with the Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) they must submit a copy of an Ordnance Survey map showing the extent of the area to be used plus any other relevant information. A Master Agreement & Permissions Procedure is in place. Details of the agreement.

31st Aug 14  

Orienteering on Forestry Commission Scotland Land

Access to Forestry Commission Scotland land:  an update.  Notes of meeting with FCS in Edinburgh on 16 August 2012, also attended by representatives of sportScotland and the Scottish Sports Association Outdoor Pursuits Group.

21st Sep 12  

Scottish Land and Estates - Access Advice

Scottish Land and Estates

A new publication entitled “Outdoor events in Scotland:  guidance for organisers and land managers” is now available.  It gives valuable information relating to access and should be read by all organisers of orienteering events in Scotland.

26th Jan 12  

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