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SEDS - The Plan

Successful SEDS planning weekend in the Trossachs. Trainingdates now set for the season ahead.

SEDS had their planning weekend in the Trossachs in conjunction with the Dunblane urban race and the Clyde SOL. We had a very productive meeting to make plans for SEDS in 2012/13 and beyond. Thank you to all those who came along, in particular to: Maureen Brown, Bill Stevenson, Marsela McLeod, Andy Paterson, Jon Hollingdale, Andy Kitchin and Lorna Eades. We appreciate your help and advice!
James and Jess Tullie and Ewan McCarthy have taken over SEDS from Lorna Eades who has stepped down after many years at the helm. We have a lot to live up to!

During the discussion, it was decided that we will not be selecting a named squad this year, looking to build a culture of training open to all. We will select SEDS teams for Jukola, potentially other events and of course continue to field a Scottish team at the SHIs.

Our main focus for the next 3 years is WOC2015, with the aim of working together to have Scottish athletes competing strongly for GB.
Key aims:
- Training and racing together in Scottish terrain
- Working together with Scottish clubs to organise training weekends
- Continuing to defend the SHIs title
- Field teams in Jukola

We will continue to run fundraising activities and will put this money towards SHIs team, Jukola teams and training. Any support is appreciated (particular thanks recently to STAG after our SHIs control collecting).

Below is a list of planned training days/weekends for the winter and into next season. Nothing is set in stone. We will endeavour to keep this site up-to-date, but if you want to hear more, email Kirsten Strain to get put onto our mailing list: kirstenmstrain (@)

- 17/18 SEDS – incorporating Deeside mountain challenge. Coordinator: Andy Kitchin
- 24/25 SEDS – join in with EUOC in Lakes. Coordinator: Rebecca Harding and Doug Tullie.
- 8/9 SEDS Speyside. Coordinator: Jess & James Tullie.
- 12/13 – SEDS Speyside, join in with EUOC ‘Christmas’ weekend. Coordinator: Jess & James Tullie.
- 19/20 – SEDS Moray. Jon Hollingdale planning. Coordinator: Marsela McLeod.
- 9/10 – SEDS Deeside – Jess to follow up.
- 16/17 – CSC, should support this, maybe can tag training on once we know where it is.
- 2/3 – SEDS Edinburgh. SOL on Archerfield. Coordinator: Rebecca Harding.
- 13-17 - OK Hallen having a training camp. Ewan McCarthy will keep SEDS informed of what is available.
- 16/17 – SEDS racing weekend, Rannoch.
- 23/24 – SEDS tbc.
- 13/14 – SEDS Lakes. Coordinator: Doug Tullie/Hollie Orr
- 27/28 – SEDS: SOL Tay. Coordinator: Jess & James Tullie.
- 11/12 – SEDS: Clunie SOL, Pitlochry. Coordinator: Murray Strain and Tessa Hill (tbc).
- 15/16 – SEDS: Jukola/Venla.

19/20th October – SEDS planning weekend for next year.

Training weekends are open to all who can orienteer at TD5 level. Anyone aged 16 or under must be accompanied by an adult. Athletes often determine what they want to get out of a session and we vary between running individually and training in pairs/groups. Sessions are usually planned with controls hung, though there may not be formal coaching.

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