Scottish Elite
Development Squad

SEDS 2013/14

The winning team at the SHI 2013.

Announcing the Scottish Elite Development Squad for 2013/14!

Congratulations to all those who have been selected and have accepted their place in the Scottish Elite Development Squad (SEDS) for 2013/14. The purpose of the squad is for all the elite athletes living in Scotland to be able to meet regularly for quality training in a range of terrain. The squad also prepares athletes for the Senior Home Internationals (SHI), which we were proud to win in 2013 and look forward to fielding a strong team in the SHIs on our own terrain in 2014 (part of the Race The Castles week). The team is selected for this during the summer.

Our winter training is already underway with some quality weekends in Moray, Speyside and Edinburgh already under the belts. This weekend we’re looking forward to a traditional winter running weekend, organized by Murray Strain.

We are very grateful to Scottish Orienteering for their continued support of the squad and all those individuals who help us out on weekends, help our fundraising efforts and support us as individual athletes.
WOC 2015 isn’t far from many of the squad member’s minds and with the SOA, clubs and individuals support we look forward to making Scotland proud in 21 months’ time!!

Oleg Chepelin
Alan Cherry
Josh Dudley
Scott Fraser
Chris Galloway
Roger Goddard
Jack Gomersall
Tim Gomersall
Hector Haines
Will Hensman
Kyle Heron
Jegor Kostylev
Andrew Lindsay
Ewan McCarthy
Ross McLennan
Ali McLeod
Calum McLeod
Mark Nixon
Craig Nolan
Callum Roberts
Jamie Stevenson
Anthony Squire
Murray Strain
Doug Tullie
James Tullie

Fiona Berrow
Frances Brown
Alison Campbell
Lauren Eyre
Rona Lindsay
Katrina McLeod
Rhona McMillan
Jessica Mason
Karen Maxwell
Kirstin Maxwell
Hollie Orr
Jessica Orr
Jo Shepherd
Jo Stevenson
Kirsten Strain
Jess Tullie
Claire Ward
Frances Wright

Associate members are those athletes who are living in Scotland and are a part of the training culture and ethos of SEDS, however they are of a different nationality:
Helen Bridle
Tessa Hill
Ciara Largey
Charlotte Watson
Mark Purkis
John Rocke

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