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Scottish Orienteering WOC 2015 Elite Fund


SOA are pleased to announce the reopening of the Scottish Orienteering WOC 2015 Elite Fund. This year’s fund will again help Scottish athletes in their goal of WOC 2015 selection and will be primarily used for supporting an athlete’s own programme for the next 6 months leading up to WOC 2015.

All athletes who received funding in 2014 are asked to reapply by email with an update on how they used their grant, any notable performances/achievements and if there have been any changes to their intended programme. Please keep brief with applications no longer than an A4 sheet.

Athletes who did not apply first time around but consider they are likely candidates for WOC 2015 selection are welcome to apply. To make a new submission to the fund please contact Marsela McLeod, for an application form.

All submissions both old and new should be submitted by Friday 13th February 2015. Grants will be awarded by 27th February 2015.

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