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Scottish Inter-Club Team Relay 2013

Changeover pen and spectators in the sun

The Inter Club relay returned this year organised by the Scottish Elite Development Squad (SEDS).
The 11 person was won by FVO Flyers
The 8 person was won by Interlopers Team CompassPoint from Moravians and EckO Bouncing Bogs.
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The event was based at Ganavan Bay on the outskirts of Oban. Thankfully we were blessed with great weather which made it fun for spectators, who had views of the runners in one direction and out to Mull and Lismore in the other.

The terrain was physical underfoot which added to the challenge and split the field at times. This year, the majority of teams were actually in the shortened 8 person version so FVO had little difficulty in claiming the trophy.

Prizes were awarded to the following teams and individuals:

11 Person

1st - Forth Valley Orienteers - Winners of 11 pairs of outdoor socks courtesy of Outside Edge - a great outdoor shop based in Oban and run by orienteer Dave Bleazard.

2nd - The Kelts (KFO+ELO+Tay+Stag)

8 Person

1st - Interlopers

2nd - Moravian

3rd - EckO

Course Winners

Green - Male: Arnis Saltmuns, Female: Kirsten Strain, Junior: Briony Kincaid

Light Green - Male: Jon Cross, Female: Fiona Berrow, Junior Male: Tom Lines, Junor female: Roanne Lilley

Tartan - Male: Murray Strain, Female: Claire Ward

Orange - Male : Steven McHarg, Female: Peggy Purves, Junior Male: Daniel Baird, Junior Female: Eilidh Shearer

Congratulations to all prize winners.

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The good news is SEDS intend to organise the Inter Club Relay again next year so expect it to be bigger and b


We'd be grateful for any views on how to improve the event. We feel either 11 or 8 person per team (which would you prefer?) would be better rather than both and have some other ideas on how to improve it. Get in touch with us via


Final Information

***Sponsored by Outside Edge, Oban***

Location and Parking

Ganavan Beach, near Oban

PA34 5TB,


Follow the A85 into Oban, go straight ahead at the first roundabout. The second roundabout is at the shorefront. Take a right here; you should see the Cathedral to your right and the sea to your left. Follow this road for just under 3km. Parking is in the public car park at the end of the road at Ganavan Beach. If it’s a beautiful day and the car park fills up, retrace your steps along the road and find a space after the double yellow lines finish (about 500m). The assembly is adjacent to the car park, in the fields inland.

Organiser: Jess Tullie, SEDS (& BASOC)

Planner: James Tullie, SEDS (& BASOC)

Controller: Ross Lilley, EckO


On arrival, please can a team leader go to registration to pick up numbers, hired SI cards and any other additional information. Bring your own safety pins please. Any changes to team composition can be made here by 12.30 at the very latest.


There will be a mass start for both relays (8 and 11 person) at 1pm. First leg runners’ call up will be at 12.45.


Competitors on the tartan course will run nearby the arena roughly half way round the course, with competitors on both the light green and green passing the arena about two thirds of the way round. The orange doesn’t have a spectator control but incoming runners will be able to be seen from a fair distance away.

Course Details and Race Procedure

Leg 1

Leg 2

Leg 3

Leg 4

Leg 5

1 runner

3 runners

3 runners

3 runners

1 runner


Orange 2.8km

Orange 2.8km

Orange 2.8km


Tartan (TD5) 3.5-3.6km

Light Green 3.5-3.8km

Light Green 3.5-3.8km

Light Green 3.5-3.8km

Tartan (TD5) 3.5-3.6km


Green 5-5.1km

Green 5-5.1km

Green 5-5.1km


8 person relay misses out leg 3 (i.e. 3 runners).

All courses are gaffled apart from the orange (TD3).

To be competitive the team must comprise 11 (or 8) different members of the same SOA club. Non SOA Clubs, teams comprising members of more than one club and teams with runners doing more than one leg are welcome, but not eligible for prizes. There are no age group constraints.

First leg runners will start in a usual, mass start. When your first leg runner returns, they hand over to all 3 runners on leg 2 (one each of orange, light green and green). You then decide who hands over to whom for the 3rd (and 4th) legs.  For example, your orange runner may return first and handover to the 3rd leg green runner. You decide, and you don’t need to tell us beforehand! Only when all runners on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd (and 4th) have finished can the last leg runner start.

We will attempt to keep you up-to-date on how the teams are getting on, but please do appreciate it’s not that easy to keep a track of!


Public toilets are available in the car park


All courses will either cross or run alongside the tarmac cycle track. There will be no marshals, please look both ways as you cross for fast moving bikes and other people.

The area is well used by walkers, please be courteous.

There may be some cows in the area. They are heifers with no calves. It's our intention that they will be herded away from the area covered by the courses.

First aid

Both the organiser and planner are first aid qualified, one of whom will always be in the competition arena. The closest A&E is on the south side of Oban: Lorn & Islands Hospital, Glengallan Road, Oban PA34  4HH.


SI will be used. Each team member must use a different SI card. Hire should be indicated on form sent out by Robin Strain.


There will be prizes for the top 3 teams in each relay as well as prizes for other performances during the day. We are pleased to have Outside Edge sponsoring the 1st prize of the 11-man relay. Outside Edge is a specialist outdoor sports shop in Oban, why not pop along after your run: If you do, do mention us!!

We will hold the prize giving as shortly after everybody has finished as possible.

Thank you to EckO for letting us use one of their areas for this event.

All money raised will go towards SEDS (Scottish Elite Development Squad) to help with SHI’s and training weekends.

Thank you to Robin Strain for helping with the timing.


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