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The domestic season has gone well for SEDS athletes and 14 Scottish athletes have made the WOC selection pool. Great stuff!

This year we wanted to see stronger fields in the Scottish races and had a discussion on how best to do this. So the Scottish Cup was born. The idea was to tie together the races in spring and early summer to add a competitive edge and create a bit of a buzz. You will note that many of the girls have taken the decision to race on brown so for Scottish Cup purposes it is the women's elite class.

So - the rules are: Best 4 of 6 races from SOL 1, FVO middle, SOL 2, SOL 3, Scottish Champs and SOL4. The scoring system is based on the old FCC system, 60, 55, 51, 48 etc

Kirsten Strain has created a results table - check out the scores here!

So what's next for SEDS? We have a training weekend coming up in 18/19th May which will be based between Speyside and Moray. Get in touch if you fancy coming along.

Then we have strong Scottish teams at Jukola in June. Bring it on!


James Tullie

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