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Orr and Nixon take the win in first Test Race

Mark Nixon finishing middle race

A mixed bag of results in today’s middle test race, but Scotland are looking strong.

Today was the middle distance test race for WOC. With Claire Ward pre-selected, there were 2 girls and 3 guys spots up for grabs. We'd trained in similar areas during the week, and hopes were high as we set off to the area. The Finnish team had their races first, as it was also their test race, followed by the Swedes and then us Brits. The terrain was set to be a tough, bushy, hilly forest.


The girls had 4.7km to contend with, with an expected winning time of 38 minutes. Hollie came out of the forest first, and held her lead of 41 minutes until the end of the starting block. She had this to say about her run, 'Overall I'm really pleased with my result, but it was a tough race and there is still scope for improvement!' Hollie had a considerable lead over the rest of the field and is looking good for selection announcements! Helen Palmer finished 2nd, Jess Tullie 3rd.


The guys had 6.1km, with a predicted winning time of 38 minutes. The top 3 were really close, Mark Nixon finished joint first with Matt Speake in 43 minutes 43 seconds, with Hector a couple of seconds behind in 3rd.

Full results:


We're now looking ahead to Sunday, and the long test race. The terrain is a different challenge as it is fast, moraine-type terrain. The men have got an 18km course to look forward to and the women 13km. Let's hope we get some more Scots in the team!

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