Scottish Elite
Development Squad

Current Eligibility Criteria

To represent Scotland

To be eligible to represent Scotland in a Home International (HI) a person must be a current British Orienteering member and be:

  • Eligible by Birth. Be born in Scotland OR
  • Eligible by Parentage. Have a parent who was born in Scotland OR
  • Eligible by Residence. Have established permanent residence in Scotland for at least one year.
  • AND, if M/W18 or younger has not represented another country that calendar year; if M/W20 or older, has not represented any other country in a nation v nation international in the previous two years (GBR and (for Irish runners only) Eire excepted)


Students are eligible by residence if they can prove a home base in Scotland. Established eligibility is voided if another nation is represented.
Seniors and Veterans: Two fallow years e.g. Two missed Home Internationals. Juniors may only represent one Country in any calendar year.

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