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Awards from the WOC 2015 Elite Fund

Scottish Orienteering is pleased to announce awards from the WOC 2015 Elite Fund to ten Scottish athletes. The following individuals will be supported over the next year as they train and compete for selection in WOC 2015.

Scott Fraser, Hector Haines, Kirsten Maxwell, Hollie Orr, Jo Shepherd, Murray Strain, Douglas Tullie, James Tullie, Jess Tullie and Claire Ward.

The importance of these awards cannot be underrated and the funding of our best athletes is integral to their future performance.

Firstly, it feels great that SOA are opening this up and supporting their best athletes…I have always said that the feeling of being supported is vital for us, as even though it might not solve all our funding problems, knowing that our governing body is bending over backwards to help us gives us a lot of energy.
Scott Fraser, March 2014.

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