Scottish athletes representing GB, summer 2014

After a successful spring-season of racing, 15 Scottish athletes have been selected to represent Great Britain in upcoming summer internationals.

European Youth Championships - Macedonia, 25-28th June

Alex Carcas (INT), Kathryn Barr (MOR), Emma Wilson (CLYDE), Andrew Barr (MOR), and Daniel Stansfield (FVO) as non-travelling reserve.

Junior World Championships - Bulgaria, 21-28th July

Alexander Chepelin (GRAMP), Chris Galloway (INT/EUOC)

World University Championships - Czech Republic, 11-16th August

Kirstin Maxwell (RR/EUOC), Alan Cherry (INT/OUOC), Scott Fraser (INT/EUOC), Rhona McMillan (MAROC/ShUOC)

World Championships - Italy, 4-12th July

Scott Fraser (INT/EUOC), Murray Strain (INT), Hollie Orr (LOC), Claire Ward (ESOC), Hector Haines (INT), Doug Tullie (RR)


Congratulations and best of luck!


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by Marsela McLeod - Performance Director

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