Junior Inter-Regional Championships 2015

Outstanding Win for Scotland

The annual Junior Inter-Regional Championships took place over the weekend of 26&27 September and was hosted by the West Midlands Orienteering Association. 
Scotland won all the trophies – Individual, Relays, Mens, Womens and the Overall cup. Plus Sasha won the trophy for the best performance in the Individual competition.
This was a fantastic performance from the Scottish Juniors who all ran enthusiastically over the whole weekend. Well Done to them all!

The Scottish team travelled on Friday, meeting up at Bothwell Services on the M74 from all corners of Scotland to travel in two minibuses to our overnight stop at Coalport Youth Hostel in Ironbridge.

On Saturday morning we set off to Brereton Spurs, the area used for the 2014 British Middle Distance champs (which was rumoured to have its share of brambles and bracken, but “nice  bits” as well).  It was a lovely sunny day and quite warm by the time we arrived, so one of the minibuses was dispatched to the nearest supermarket to buy more drinking water.

Face paintingThe girls then spent time being artistic with the blue and white face paint in readiness for  the Individual competition.  The JIRCs is always a great competition for the Juniors as the emphasis is as much on having good fun as well as serious competition.  They can socialise with their own team members and also meet up with their friends from the other Regions.

The Start was at one edge of the assembly field and the Finish at the other, which meant that the competitors could be cheered on by their team members at both ends of their race, making it all more exciting.

As most Regions put their best runners last to give them the advantage of the flattened undergrowth, it’s difficult to tell how your team is getting on until near the end of the  competition, but there were some good early runs from the Scots and we were always near the top of the results.  In the end we had 4 class wins – Lizzie Stansfield in W14, Jake Chapman in M16, Grace Molloy in W16 and Sasha Chepelin in M18. With other Scots packing the top of the results, it was evident that we had done well. This was confirmed later at the Individual prizegiving.  Our Saturday night’s accommodation was a High School in Stafford and food was provided by O-nosh and eaten outside on the grass in the sunshine. The main evening entertainment was provided by the rugby world cup match between England and Wales which was projected on to the wall of the games hall where we were to spend the night.  Before the match started there was a short prize-giving for the first 3 in each age class at the afternoon’s Individual event.

Scottish prize-winners were:
M14, 3rd Alistair Chapman
W14, 1st Lizzie Stansfield , 2nd Eilidh Campbell

M16, 1st Jake Chapman, 3rd Tom Lines
W16, 1st Grace Molloy 

M18, 1st Sasha Chepelin
W18, 3rd Jenny Ricketts

First two from each class for each Region count towards the trophy.  Thanks to the strength of the Scottish team over all the age classes, SOA comfortably took the Individual trophy:

1st Scotland - 265points

2nd North-west - 211

3rd South-west - 193

Full results are on the Walton Chasers website at:


Following the rugby match, the Welsh OA were also very happy!

Sunday morning dawned foggy and damp and we had breakfast (from O-nosh) at 6.30 again outside.

The Relay competition took part at Oldacre, an area ideal for spectating as the assembly was on the edge of the valley and overlooked many of the control sites with good visibility of the runners (once the mist had cleared!) The terrain looked runnable from a distance, but in fact was tough for the runners due to the vegetation. 

The M16’s set off first in a mass start and shortly after the 4 Scottish M16’s could be seen running through the spectator control in the lead. At this point James Ackland was slightly behind, but after a mistake by the leading 3 Scots boys, James sneaked through into the lead and was first M16 home with the other three Scots not far behind.   They handed over to our M14’s who all had solid runs, and they then handed over to the M18’s. Were we in for the clean sweep? By this time there were a couple of other Regions in the mix.  Then to much cheering (from the noisy Scots), Daniel Stansfield ran up the run-in to take 1st place, closely followed by Sasha and then Andrew Barr in 3rd place.  Just behind Andrew, there was a very exciting race for 4th place, but Tam Wilson just managed to pip Alistair Thomas (North-West)to the finish, thus ensuring a Scottish clean-sweep:

JIRC 2015 Mens relay podium

1st SOA 2 (Tom Lines, Peter Molloy, Daniel Stansfield

2nd SOA 1 (Jake Chapman, Alistair Chapman, Sasha Chepelin)

3rd SOA 3 (Freddie Carcas, Matthew Gooch, Andrew Barr)

4th SOA 4 (James Ackland, Daniel Campbell, Thomas Wilson)

(I believe that this is the first time ever in the JIRCs that there has been a 1,2,3,4 from the same Region!)

Meanwhile the Women’s race was underway. Grace Molloy came back in 2nd place (just behind English star Fiona Bunn who was running for South-Central) and handed over to Lizzie Stansfield.  Lizzie also had a great run and handed over to W18 Jenny Ricketts with a big lead, enough for SOA team1 to take the win. Our other last leg runners were all W16’s running up, but they all ran well to ensure that SOA won the Relay competition.


1st SOA 1 (Grace Molloy, Lizzie Stansfield, Jenny Ricketts)

4th SOA 2 (Kathryn Barr, Eildih Campbell, Emma Wilson)

5th SOA 4 (Roanne Lilley, Eilidh Shearer, Lindsay Robertson)

6th SOA 3 (Abi Mason, Alice Wilson, Clare Stansfield)

The combined relay results further increased Scotland’s lead in the competition:

1st Scotland: 276 points

2nd North-west: 234

3rd Yorkshire: 207

Overall Results:

1st Scotland: 541 points

2nd North-West: 445

3rd Yorkshire: 389          

So Scotland won all the trophies – Individual, Relays, Mens, Womens and the Overall cup.

Plus Sasha won the trophy for the best performance in the Individual competition.

This was a fantastic performance from the Scottish Juniors who all ran enthusiastically over the whole weekend. Well Done to them all!


Selected Team


Daniel Campbell    MOR

Alastair Chapman  MAROC

Matthew Gooch     MAROC

Louis Macmillan     EckO

Reserve:  Peter Molloy  FVO


Eilidh Campbell   MAROC

Eilidh Shearer     EckO

Lizzie Stansfield  FVO

Alice Wilson       CLYDE

Reserve:  Jenny Blackwood  INVOC


James Ackland    INT

Freddie Carcas    INT

Jake Chapman    MAROC

Tom Lines            EckO

Reserve:  Callum Hunter   EckO


Kathryn Barr       MOR

Grace Molloy      FVO

Roanne Lilley      EckO

Abigail Mason    MAROC

Lindsay Robertson  CLYDE 

Clare Stansfield  FVO

Emma Wilson     CLYDE

Reserve: Megan Ricketts  MAROC

(3 to run up in W18, to be decided)


Andrew Barr                MOR

Alexander Chepelin   GRAMP

Daniel Stansfield        FVO

Thomas Wilson          CLYDE

Reserve: Callum White  INVOC


Jennifer Ricketts        MAROC

(plus 3 from W16)

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by Maureen Brown - ScotJos Squad Manager -2015

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JIRC 2015 Scotland, the winning team, Credit:Maureen Brown

JIRC 2015 Scotland, the winning team

JIRC Mens Relay Podium, Credit:Wendy Carlyle

JIRC Mens Relay Podium

JIRC W14's, Credit:Maureen Brown

JIRC W14's

JIRC M16's, Credit:Maureen Brown

JIRC M16's

JIRC face painting, Credit:Maureen Brown

JIRC face painting

JIRC face painting, Credit:Maureen Brown

JIRC face painting