Junior Inter-Regional Championships 2014

Scotland win

The Scottish Juniors won the JIRCs at the weekend for the 3rd year in succession. Coupled with their win in the Junior Home Internationals last month this means that they have won “the double” in 2014 for the first time ever.
This year’s JIRCs took place in the Lake District over the weekend of 28/29 September.

However, it was by no means easy given that the Host Region, North-West, always have a very strong squad and this was their home terrain.

Eleven Regions and around 200 juniors took part in the competition.

The areas used, Graythwaite (Individual) and Roanhead (Relays) were technically and physically tough which gave an advantage to both Scotland and North-West over some of the other Regions. The overnight accommodation on Saturday was at Ulverston Victoria High School.

In Saturday’s Individual competition, SOA had winners in 5 of the 6 classes:

W14 Grace Molloy (who was also awarded the CompassSport Trophy for the best Individual Performance of the competition), M14 Jake Chapman, W16 Kathryn Barr, W18 Jenny Ricketts and M18 Sasha Chepelin. Sasha won by over 2 minutes in spite of stopping to help a fellow competitor who had dislocated her shoulder.

Other counting results for Scotland (best 2 from each Region) were:

Boys – M14 Alastair Chapman 7th; M16 Alex Carcas, 3rd, Finlay Todd 10th; M18 Daniel Stansfield 5th;

Girls – W14 Eilidh Shearer 4th ; W16 Roanne Lilley 4th ; W18 Briony Kincaid 6th.

Individual Scores Boys Girls Total
Scotland 123 133 256
North-West 132 119 251
Yorkshire 97 114 211

The prizes were presented during the evening by former ScotJOS member Hollie Orr who is now a member of Lakeland OC.

Sunday’s Relay competition took place near the coast at Roanhead, an area of complex sand dunes. A “Viewing Dune” was provided which allowed spectators to see over a large part of the terrain and keep track of the competition as all the runners were wearing their team colours. As usual the 16’s went off first to hand over to the 14’s, and Scotland appeared to be doing well with lots of blue and white at the front. Unfortunately it transpired that the top 2 Scottish boys’ teams had been disqualified for mis-punching near the end of the course. However, such is the strength in depth of the current Scottish squad that although Scotland lost the Boys’ Trophy to North-West, our 3rd and 4th teams finished in 2nd place (Ross McMurtrie, Alastair Chapman, Thomas Wilson) and 6th ( Callum Hunter, Luke Graham, Andrew Barr), with North-West 1st and 3rd. Meanwhile the Scottish girls more than made up the deficit, coming home 1st (Kathryn Barr, Grace Molloy, Jenny Ricketts) and 3rd (Lindsay Robertson, Jura McMillan, Clare Stansfield). This plus their good showing in the Individual allowed SOA to win the Women’s competition, the Relays and the Overall Trophy.

Relay Scores Boys Girls Total
Scotland 126 138 264
North-West 138 120 258
Yorkshire 105 117 222


Overall Scores Individual Relay Total
Scotland 256 264 520
North-West 251 258 509
Yorkshire 211 222 433

Well Done to all!

Full results can be found on the Lakeland OC website

Rob Lines photo albums, Individual & Relay


The selected team


Alastair Chapman

Jake Chapman

Luke Graham

Joe Wright

Reserve: Ben Parkinson


Eilidh Campbell

Grace Molloy

Jura Macmillan

Eilidh Shearer

Reserve: Kirsty Campbell


Alex Carcas

Callum Hunter

Ross McMurtrie

Finlay Todd

Reserve: Sam Galloway


Kathryn Barr

Roanne Lilley

Abigail Mason

Lindsay Robertson

Clare Stansfield

Emma Wilson

Reserve: Megan Ricketts

(2 to run up in W18, to be decided)


Andrew Barr

Alexander Chepelin

Daniel Stansfield

Thomas Wilson

Reserve: Callum White


Briony Kincaid

Jennifer Ricketts

(plus 2 from W16)

Photo of authorLast edited: 30th Sep 14
by Maureen Brown - ScotJos Squad Manager -2015

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JIRC 2014 Winners, Credit:Maureen Brown

JIRC 2014 Winners

JIRC Individual Winners, Credit:Maureen Brown

JIRC Individual Winners

JIRC Girls winners, Credit:Maureen Brown

JIRC Girls winners

JIRC Boys 2nd, Credit:Maureen Brown

JIRC Boys 2nd

JIRC Girls 3rd, Credit:Maureen Brown

JIRC Girls 3rd

JIRC Teams, Credit:Maureen Brown

JIRC Teams