Junior Inter-Regional Championships 2013

Scotland won all the trophies.
This year’s JIRCs took place in South-West England on 28/29 September.
Full report below.

A big congratulations to the Scottish junior team who retained the trophies won last year in East Anglia.  The JIRCs is an annual competition between all the Regions of Britain. This year’s competition was held in South-West England, and organised by Wimborne Orienteers with help from Wessex OC.    The Scots met up in the Edinburgh area on Friday evening in order to make the early morning flight to Southampton where we had arranged to pick up two minibuses to transport us around.   It was well worth all the effort as Scotland dominated throughout the weekend and convincingly won all the trophies: – Individual, Relays, Boys, Girls and Overall.  A great result!

Individual Event – Gore Heath, Dorset

This is an area with lots of paths, but with some tough running in between and lots of contoured terrain.  There were several podium places for the Scottish Team:  we had a clean sweep of the prizes in W14 with a win for Emma Wilson, Grace Molloy was in 2nd place and Lindsay Robertson in 3rd.  There were also class wins for Sasha Chepelin (M16) and Chris Galloway (M18). In addition, Jenny Ricketts was 2nd in W16 and Finlay Todd was 3rd in M14.  As first two in each age class count for points, and with good back-up from our other runners, Scotland comfortably won the Individual Trophy:

1st  Scotland  239pts
2nd North-West  215
3rd Yorkshire  188 

Sasha Chepelin was also awarded the Compasssport Trophy for best Individual performance.

Relay Event – Hampton Ridge, Hampshire

After spending the night at Parkstone Grammar School in Poole, where we were all well fed and the juniors had a chance to socialise with their friends from the other Regions, the teams descended on the New Forest venue of Hampton Ridge for the Relay competition. Each Region is allowed to enter up to 4 teams each of girls and boys, each team consisting of a 16 who runs first leg, followed by a 14 , with an 18 running the Final leg.  Two boys and two girls teams count for each Region and Scotland entered the full complement of 8 teams.

The Relays are always a very noisy, very exciting competition and this year’s was no exception, with over 200 juniors taking part and cheering loudly for their teams.  As usual, some time was spent before the start in face-painting with the team colours.

The boys started first to a deafening roar.  Most of the area was not visible to the spectators as it was behind a patch of woodland, so once the M16’s had started, there was no way of knowing how they were getting on until they appeared at the last control. The area itself, however, was mainly open and made for fast and furious running.  First back was Sasha Chepelin who handed over to Finlay Todd, with the other Scottish M16’s not far behind. Finlay ran the entire course without being overtaken, seeing no other M14’s on the way, and handed over to Chris Galloway on the final leg. Chris also ran his course alone and brought his team home in first place.  Teams from North-West and South-West appeared a few minutes later, but the second SOA boys’ team of Matthew Galloway, Rowan White and Josh Dudley finished in 4th place to ensure that Scotland won the Men’s Relay competition and the Men’s Trophy.

With a shortage of W16’s in Scotland this year, W14’s Abi Mason, Clare Stansfield and Kathryn Barr have all been “running up” in this year’s SOLs in order to ensure that we had full teams in the JHI’s and JIRCs.  Well done to them for doing well in the Individual, but now they had to go off in the Women’s mass start in the Relay competition, head to head with W16’s from the other Regions. They did not disappoint, however, and the run-in was a sea of blue and white as all came back in contention, with Jenny Ricketts seconds behind the leader from South-West in 2nd place.  Jenny handed over to Emma Wilson, with Grace Molloy and Lindsay Robertson setting off not far behind, and Roanne  Lilley just a few minutes down, with teams from North-West and Yorkshire also in the mix.  The Scottish W14’s then showed just why they were at the top of the Individual results, coming back in the leading pack and handing over to the W18’s with all to play for.  Briony Kincaid, Evie Mason and Karen Maxwell set off in the lead with GB Talent Squad member Megan Carter-Davies of Wales, and Frances Brown following  a few minutes behind.

Around 40 minutes later, Megan appeared at the final control, closely followed by Frances, who after a storming run had caught up 4 minutes on the leaders, bringing team SOA 4 into 2nd place, just 9 seconds down on the Welsh team. Briony arrived next to bring SOA 1 home in 3rd place.  So the SOA girls teams finished in 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th, ensuring that Scotland won the Relay Trophy and the Women’s Trophy.

Relay Scores:

1st Scotland 270 points
2nd North-West 246
3rd South-West 216

Overall Scores:

1st  Scotland 509 points
2nd North-West 461
3rd South-West 404

Thanks very much to the members of Wimborne Orienteers and Wessex OC and other members of South-West clubs for a very well-organised weekend.

Full results on the Wimborne Orienteers website

Photos from Wendy Carlyle on flickr

Photos from Steve Kimberley on Google+


The Team


Freddie Carcas  INT
Callum Hunter  ECKO
Finlay Todd   INVOC
Rowan White INVOC
Reserve:  Jake Chapman MAROC


Andrew Barr   MOR
Sasha Chepelin  GRAMP
Matthew Galloway INT
Callum White  INVOC
Reserve: Thomas Wilson CLYDE


Chris Galloway    INT
Josh Dudley    MAROC
Calum McLeod  GRAMP
Callum Roberts   MAROC
Reserve:  Craig Nolan  ESOC


Kathryn Barr   MOR
Roanne Lilley  ECKO
Abigail Mason  MAROC
Grace Molloy  FVO
Lindsay Robertson CLYDE
Clare Stansfield   FVO
Emma Wilson   CLYDE
(3 to run up to W16)


Jennifer Ricketts MAROC
Reserve: Rosie Getliff  MAROC


Frances Brown  FVO
Briony Kincaid  ECKO
Karen Maxwell  RR
Frances Wright  MAROC
Reserve: Bronwyn Matthews  MAROC

Selections for the Junior Home Internationals, in Wales on 14/15 September, will be made after the Scottish 6-Days.

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by Maureen Brown - ScotJos Squad Manager -2015

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JIRCS 2013 Scottish Team, Credit:Maureen Brown

JIRCS 2013 Scottish Team

JIRCS 2013 Women, Credit:Maureen Brown

JIRCS 2013 Women

JIRCS 2013 Boys Relay Team, Credit:Maureen Brown

JIRCS 2013 Boys Relay Team

Sasha Cheplin and Bill Stevenson, Credit:Maureen Brown

Sasha Cheplin and Bill Stevenson

Scottish Junior Squad

Scottish Junior Squad