Junior Home Internationals 2013

This year’s JHI took place in South Wales, near Merthyr Tidfil over the weekend of 14/15 September.
Results were a win for England, with Scotland 2nd, then Wales 3rd and Ireland 4th.
See below for a full report…

Individual Competition

The Individual race took place in fine, breezy conditions at Mynydd Llangattock - a hilly, runnable open area in the Brecon Beacons.  The assembly was near the top of the hill, giving good views over the countryside and also of the runners in the latter part of their courses. The results were:

England: 75
Scotland: 69
Wales: 39
Ireland: 33

Although a win for England, this does not reflect the excellent performances of the Scots, several of whom were running up a class due to shortages in the M18 and W16 classes.  Indeed there were worried looks among the English team minders as the results went up.  Had it only been England versus Scotland then it would have been a narrow win for Scotland, and it was some good results from Irish and Welsh runners which pushed the Scots into second place. There were several Scottish podium places:

In the M14 class, Rowan White and Jake Chapman were 1st and 2nd respectively, with Joe Wright (still only 12) in 4th place.  Matthew Galloway didn’t let his recent arm fracture worry him as he stormed to victory in the M16 class, with Sasha Chepelin (suffering from a virus) in 3rd place.  It was always going to be difficult for our M16’s to beat the top M18’s in the country, but Callum White and Thomas Wilson, along with M18 Calum McLeod, managed to split the English boys.  For the girls, Emma Wilson came a close 2nd in W14 with Lindsay Robertson not far behind in 4th. Our only true W16, Jenny Ricketts, won her class, with W14 Clare Stansfield in 6th place.  Rhona McMillan was narrowly beaten by 4 seconds into 2nd place in the W18 class by local Welsh runner Megan Carter-Davies.

The teams then retired to the accommodation at Pencelli outdoor centre to prepare for the excitement of the social – a substantial meal prepared by Welsh parents, followed by the prize-giving and then the ceilidh dancing which probably used up more calories than the day’s racing.

The Relays

The Relay competition took place at Clydach Terrace – another open area but with complex contours formed by old mine workings. The weather forecast was for rain and high winds later, but the mass start for M16’s and W16’s took place in fine weather. Again, the assembly was at the top of the hill (although the tents were pitched in a sheltered spot below) giving a good view of the runners at several points over a well-planned course.  The competition turned out to be two separate races – the first between the Scots and the English, with the Irish and Welsh some way behind.  The Scottish M16’s led the way and arrived at the changeover seconds apart, closely followed by the English. Similarly, the Scottish and English M14’s arrived back in a pack, handing over to the M18’s to run the last leg and all to play for.  However, it was a lot to ask of the M16’s running up a class to beat the top English.  England teams took 1st and 2nd places, and Callum White  did very well to take his team (Sasha Chepelin and Jake Chapman) into 3rd place.

In the girls race, Jenny Ricketts led for most of the way, but with the good visibility, she was closely followed by a large group of W16’s, including Clare Stansfield and Abi Mason (both running up).  So a number of 14’s went out together, but there was great excitement when Emma Wilson came through the spectator control in 1st place, handing over to Rhona McMillan with a strong lead but with Grace Molloy and Lindsay Robertson not far behind. Unfortunately Emma had punched a wrong control and so it was English W18 Julie Emmerson who led her team to victory. By this time the bad weather had set in, and the later runners had to battle through  strong winds and heavy rain over the very exposed terrain. The Relay points score reflected the Individual results and so Scotland came second to England, with Wales winning their close battle with Ireland to take the Judith Wingham trophy.

Altogether, a great team performance from the Scottish Juniors and everyone should be very proud of them.

Full results at: www.swoc.org.uk

Photos from Wendy Carlyle

Coming next: the Junior Inter-Regionals (JIRCs) in Dorset next weekend.

The Team

The following team was selected based on their good results in the Scottish 6-Days. Several juniors were not available due to prior commitments.


Jake Chapman   MAROC
Callum Hunter  ECKO
Rowan White  INVOC
Joe Wright  MAROC


Andrew Barr  MOR
Sasha Chepelin  GRAMP
Matthew Galloway  INT
Daniel Stansfield  FVO
Callum White  INVOC
Thomas Wilson  CLYDE
(3 to run up in M18)
Alex Carcas  INT


Calum McLeod  GRAMP


Kathryn Barr   MOR
Abigail Mason  MAROC
Clare Stansfield  FVO
Emma Wilson  CLYDE
(2 to run up in W16)
Grace Molloy  FVO
Lindsay Robertson  CLYDE


Rosie Getliff  MAROC
Jennifer Ricketts  MAROC


Rhona McMillan  MAROC
Bronwyn Matthews  MAROC
Karen Maxwell   RR
Frances Wright  MAROC

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by Maureen Brown - ScotJos Squad Manager -2015

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JHI Team 2013, Credit:Maureen Brown

JHI Team 2013

1st in M14, Credit:Maureen Brown

1st in M14

Scotland 2nd overall, Credit:Maureen Brown

Scotland 2nd overall

1st in M16, Credit:Maureen Brown

1st in M16