GB Junior selections, summer 2016

Congratulations to the following athletes selected to represent Great Britain in the summer at EYOC and JWOC.

European Youth Orienteering Championships in Poland June 30th – July 3rd

W16 Grace Molloy (FVO)

M16 Jake Chapman (MAROC)

W18 Emma Wilson (CLYDE)

M18 Alex Carcas (INT)

Junior World Orienteering Championships in Switzerland 9th-15th July

Alexander Chepelin (EUOC)

Daniel Stansfield (FVO and EUOC)

Jenny Ricketts (MAROC and EUOC)

Junior European Cup being held in Scotland 30th Sept – 2nd Oct

All of the above are also provisionally selected to represent Great Britain at the Junior European Cup.

Photo of authorLast edited: 07th May 16
by Elizabeth Furness - ScotJOS Team Manager

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