British Orienteering Talent Squad Selections

Congratulations to the following athletes who have been selected for the 2016/17 British Orienteering Talent Programme. Gaining selection to a British Squad or Team is never easy and is the culmination of hard work and dedication from the athletes, their families and coaches. Scottish Orienteering through Scotjos and SEDS will continue to support the athletes in their training and competition and wish them all a successful 2017.

Eilidh Campbell - MAROC

Alex Carcas - INT

Freddie Carcas - INT

Alastair Chapman - MAROC

Jake Chapman - MAROC

Alexander Chepelin - EUOC

Grace Molloy - FVO

Jennifer Ricketts - EUOC

Daniel Stansfield - FVO

Finlay Todd - INVOC

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by Marsela McLeod - Performance Director

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