2017-18 ScotJOS announced

Selections for the Scottish Junior Squad (ScotJOS) for 2017-2018 have been announced.

Congratulations to the following athletes:



  • Jamie Goddard (FVO)
  • Joel Gooch (MAROC)
  • Pierre Lardet (FVO)
  • Ewan Musgrave (MAROC)
  • Finlay Raynor (INVOC)



  • Rachel Brown (ESOC)
  • Pippa Carcas  (INT)
  • Anna Cox  (BASOC)
  • Amber Graham (MAROC)
  • Hannah Kingham (MOR)
  • Rona Shearer (ECKO)



  • Daniel Campbell (MOR)
  • Alistair Chapman (MAROC)
  • John Getliff (MAROC)
  • Matthew Gooch (MAROC)
  • Louis MacMillan  (ECKO)
  • Peter Molloy (FVO)



  • Eilidh Campbell (MAROC)
  • Kirsty Campbell (MAROC)
  • Izzy Cox (BASOC)
  • Katrina McGougan (BASOC)
  • Eilidh Shearer (ECKO)
  • Lizzie Stansfield  (FVO)
  • Alice Wilson (CLYDE)



  • Joe Wright (MAROC)



  • Jura MacMillan (ECKO)
  • Grace Molloy (FVO)


Selection Panel: Marsela McLeod (SOA Performance Director), Marjorie Mason, Elizabeth Furness (ScotJOS)


The programme for the squad runs from October 2017 – September 2018. The junior Selection opportunities (ScotJOS , JIRCs, JHIs, JROS and GB camps) for 2018 will be posted on the SOA website before the end of the year.

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by Elizabeth Furness - ScotJOS Team Manager

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