Scottish Junior Inter-Area Competition Weekend guidelines


There are no rules


1. The competition will be held over two days of the weekend and comprise an Individual (in conjunction with a Regional Event such as a SOL) and a Relay.

2. The competition will be held between teams from the three Areas: East, North and West.

3. Team members must be members of Scottish open clubs and have a maximum BOF age class of M/W18. There is no lower age limit, but Juniors must be competent at and comfortable with running the Yellow course.

4. The Relay Competition. There will be two classes, open and girls. Each team will comprise of three runners with a maximum BOF age class of M/W48, running Orange, Yellow and Light Green courses (in a randomised order) with no gaffling. Two teams to count for each Area in each class. Every junior should run their appropriate course. Juniors who are not part of a counting team should be arranged into Ad Hoc teams either with members of their own Area or other Areas.

Scoring. 1st team in each class scores 24 points, 2nd team scores 20 points, then 16,12,8,4.

5. The Individual Competition. This takes place at the Regional Event and includes the following Junior classes: JM/W2, JM/W3, JM/W4, JM5M, JW5S with two to count in each class from each Area. Also classes JM/W5L with one to count in each class from each Area. The organisers of the Individual Event should ensure that juniors from the same Area in the same class should have start times which are at least 4 minutes apart.

Scoring. 1st individual in each class scores 6 points,  reducing 6,5,4,3,2,1, except in the JM/W5L class where the scoring is 1st 3 points, reducing 2,1.

6. The overall result is given by the total score of Relays plus Individual.

7. There should be a Meeting on the Saturday evening of Team Managers to decide on the date of the next year’s event (which agreement of the SOA fixtures secretary) so that accommodation can be provisionally booked well in advance.

Eligibility for Scottish Champions is the same as for the Scottish Orienteering Championships.