Funding Opportunities

These sources are worth investigating to find funding appropriate to projects your club might have in mind.

  • sportscotland offer various funding opportunities, including sportsMatch, which effectively doubles anything you get from commercial sponsors
  • Leader Funding is available in many areas for “rural social enterprises”.  It’s administered by your local council, so Google accordingly.  Leader funding is limited to 50% of project total.
  • Other local charitable trusts offer financial, support, often to very specific activities or local endeavours.  Some might make awards only to charities, in which case please discuss with the SOA President.
  • Sports Councils often have funds for coach education, development or start-up projects, as well as for talented athletes.  Check locally.
  • Grantnet provides a portal that might help you find funding for small community projects.

Please try these as well as applying to SOA for development funding.  If you require help with your application, or you know of other sources of funding, please contact Hilary at the National Centre.

(page updated 7 January 2015)