SOA Development Summit “The Future of Scottish Junior & Schools Orienteering”

Please contribute your views on the future of Scottish Junior & Schools Orienteering via the Google form below, or if you prefer you can email the organiser directly (contact address below).

Invitations have now been issued to all SOA Club Secretaries for this summit. The aim of the day is to agree a set of positive action points to ensure that our Junior & Schools Orienteering structure is in the best possible shape for the future. Topics will include:

  • Junior & Talent Pathway
  • Junior Competition Structure
  • Scottish Schools Orienteering

Each club has 2 free places for adult members – please contact your club secretary if you would like attend. We will be also issuing invitations to individuals who currently hold a named voluntary role related to Junior & Schools orienteering.

In addition we are seeking a Junior panel of 6 experienced & committed young orienteers, aged between 13 – 21. Your performance level is not important. What matters is that you care about the future of your sport, and that you are willing to spend a day joining in with complex discussions. These 6 will be selected to provide the most representative voice of Scotland’s junior orienteers. We welcome applications for this junior panel from open clubs and Scottish University Clubs affiliated to the SOA. Please register your interest in joining the Junior Panel either through your club secretary or directly with Johannes Petersen.

Chair: Marsela McLeod (Perfomance Director, SOA Board)

Organiser: Johannes Petersen (SOA Regional Development Officer)