Scottish Student Champs 2023

Over the past weekend, the Scottish Student Championships took place in Deeside, hosted by Aberdeen University Orienteering Club. The weekend of inter-university competition started with relays at Potarch followed by individuals on the Sunday at Glen Dye. MAROC supported Aberdeen University with the Relays and GRAMP supported with the Individuals. Read on to find out how the weekend went and which University is crowned Scottish Student Champions 2023!. 

Picture Cred: Stirling University

On Saturday, the relay in Potarch unfolded, comprising of three legs- light green, orange and green. The relay kicked off with an exciting mass start. Edinburgh University dominated from the outset, with their first leg runner David Bunn claiming the top spot after the initial light green leg. Leg 2 and 3 runners James Cavanagh, Eilidh Campbell maintained the teams lead throughout the race. Edinburgh University teams also scooped up second and third place on the podium. Glasgow University was the second university to finish, followed by Aberdeen and then Stirling. 

Get set, go at the mass start
Clean Sweep for Edinburgh University at the Relay

On the second day at Glen Dye we were blessed with lovely weather again. Students had a choice of different courses: Mens A (brown), B (short blue), C (orange) and Womens A (blue), B (green) and C (orange). There was also a non-binary category. Thanks to Stirling University Orienteering club for capturing some dynamic action shots in the forest. 

The weekend finished up with the awards ceremony. Medals were awarded to first, second and third place competitors on each course. Thanks to GRAMP for capturing the awards ceremony. 

Womens A: 2nd Eilidh Campbell (EUOC), 1st Ellie Bales (EUOC), 3rd Iris McMillian (EUOC)
Womens B: 1st Megan Cumming (STUOC), 2nd Kirsty Ryman (GOAT)
Womens C: 1st Ruth Potter (GOAT), 2nd Caroline Sharp (GOAT), 3rd Alexandra Lennie (GOAT)
Mens A: 2nd Alex Wetherill (EUOC), 1st David Bunn (EUOC), 3rd Ewan Bennett (EUOC)
Mens B: 3rd Joshua Britain (AUOC), 1st Jakub Pitula (AUOC), 2nd Ben Toole (STUOC)
Mens C: Ben Basten 1st (GOAT)

Following the distribution of individual medals, the early awaited moment arrived to unveil the overall winning university. With a triumphant performance in the relays the previous day and victories by David Bunn in Men’s A and Ellie Bales in Women’s A, Edinburgh University emerged as the Student Champions 2023. This marks Edinburgh’s second consecutive win, securing the trophy. Overall Edinburgh scored 499 points, Glasgow Scored 476, Stirling scored 403 and Aberdeen 357. Well done to all the universities and students taking part.

Edinburgh University fend their title as Scottish Student Orienteering Champions

Hats off and congratulations to Aberdeen for holding the event. As a small university hosting the Scottish Student Championships is no small feat. Special appreciation goes to MAROC and GRAMP for their invaluable support. Looking ahead, Stirling University is the host for next years event. Can Edinburgh claim victory for another consecutive year? We will find out next year!