SOL Competition rules and guidelines

Other key objectives include: elite development and selection, encourage national level competition, act as a flagship and publicity vehicle, to create continuity of quality, and coordinate with other high-quality BOF events.


  1. Except where noted below, events shall be run under the
    British Orienteering Rules of Orienteering. Organisers should familiarise themselves with these rules.
  2. Elite classes will normally be staged on Black (M-E) and Brown (W-E), however in negotiation between event organisers and SEDS other courses may be chosen.
  3. Course/Colour/Age combinations are shown in the table below.
  4. SOL points may be awarded to people “running up” in the one of the age classes associated with the colour they run.  By default the oldest such age class is used for seniors.
  5. SOL points will be awarded by the system detailed in a separate article (SOL Scoring system by Trevor Hoey).
  6. A competitor’s total SOL score from the season will be the sum from the best 4 events.  All entrants who are members of SOA are eligible.  Non-SOA orienteers are welcome at all events, but may only compete in the league provided they notify the SOL coordinator and finish at least 4 events.


  1. Maps for courses 11 & 12 shall be collected at the car park/assembly. It is the competitor’s responsibility to collect his or her own map before proceeding to the start.
  2. Junior competitors must state both their age class and course when entering an event.
  3. When entering an event, competitors select a course to enter rather than an age class. If an online entry system is used this must be set up in such a way that this is accommodated.
  4. If the event is combined with a UK-level competition (National event, Future champions cup, British elite championships etc.) some variation in course length and/or course combinations may be permitted.
  5. Pre-entries may to be required by a maximum of 15 days prior to the event but clubs may set shorter deadlines if they so wish. In addition, clubs should adopt a flexible approach to late entries and EOD, possible at higher rates.
  6. All pre-entered competitors shall receive pre-marked maps.
  7. Only one map scale shall be used per course. Normally 1:10,000 shall be used for junior and over-45 courses and either 1:10,000 or 1:15:000 for courses 1 & 2. Course planning must not be compromised for printing convenience.
  8. The map shall be accurate and recently-surveyed.  Map corrections should be included on the competitor’s map either by overprinting or updating the electronic map file.
  9. Results shall be displayed by course (not class) but shall show age class in an additional column.
  10. Every effort must be made to issue published results within 7 days.
  11. Only IOF pictorial descriptions shall be available for all courses. Where possible these should be available with the online or posted final information;  otherwise they shall be available for collection on the day at assembly or before the prestart.
  12. Final event information should be published at least 7 days prior to the event.
  13. Final information for events shall state “Competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.”
  14. The organising club shall make arrangements for first aid cover and be prepared to assist any competitors who get into difficulty or who become overdue for whatever reason.
  15. Competitors from the same club on the same course (not just the same class), shall start at least four minutes apart.
  16. Electronic timing shall be used. Split times from this may be used to determine the final result (e.g. excluding legs around a misplaced control), at the discretion of the controller.
  17. A start list shall be provided and competitors should start at the assigned time: punching starts shall be possible but should only be available to some competitors (e.g.  event helpers, split start parents, those missing their start through no fault of their own) at the discretion of the organisers.
  18. SOL events must be registered with the SOA Fixtures Secretary by 31st March of the year of competition.
  19. An embargo shall be observed by those wishing to score points in the SOL.  The embargo period is one year, or from the date on which the venue is announced if this is less than a year
  20. It the SOL is part of a multiday event, the embargo does not affect those other events (e.g. a Night race may be held the night before the SOL).
  21. The award of SOL status to a club will be made by the SOA Fixtures Secretary in consultation with the Competitions Convenor at least one year prior to the competition season.
  22. Entry fees for all non TD5 courses should be charged at the student/junior rate (entrants are likely to be juniors, newcomers or injured).
  23.  A string course or similar activity for very young children should be provided.


Parents are reminded they should declare if they are actually helping a Junior competitor as opposed to following.  Assisted juniors are competitive in their colour course (e.g. White) but not in age class (e.g. W10B)

If you are the ‘shadower’ then you must have completed your own race before undertaking any shadowing.

Course/Colour/Age mapping table

CrseTechCorrected Age Classes
No.DiffCrse lgth CourseJuniorAdult
  Ratio  MenWomenMenWomen
151.00Black  M-E 
350.69Short Brown  M45
450.56Blue M16W18
550.45Short BlueM18S
650.39Green W16M70
750.33Short Green W18S
840.30Light GreenM14
930.50Long Orange    

Future LiDAR coverage

The cost per square kilometre is likely to drop the greater the area coverage.  For Strathearn 2019, the next Scottish 6 Days, we will almost certainly look to have LiDAR data capture.  If aerial survey companies are already flying missions the additional cost of data capture can be reduced.  For Highland 2015 the cost of acquisition for 40 square kilometres was £125 per square kilometre (Digital Terrain Model plus Digital Surface Model).  A recent quote for similar coverage was £550 per square kilometre!  If time is not of the essence and clubs have flexibility on dates it is hoped that something like the former figure can be achieved.  Marked-up maps showing preferences and priorities should be sent to  Note that the SOA is unlikely to be able to financially support many mapping projects and alternative funding sources and/or club funds will be required.

SOA BOARD VACANCY: Independent Director

We wish to appoint someone from one of the following areas: education, the charity sector, finance, the legal sector, governance, equality, volunteering, marketing and publicity. An Independent Director must have no material connection with The Scottish Orienteering Association and is therefore unlikely to be an active member, although knowledge or experience of sports or outdoor activities would be an advantage.

A full Job Description for this position is available on request from me, Roger Scrutton ( ;We would be pleased to hear from members if they have friends, acquaintances or colleagues from outside SOA who might be interested in filling this position.

Job Description

Independent Director

Appointed by

The Scottish Orienteering Association membership

Period of tenure: Three years from 20th May 2017


Voluntary unpaid


To help the Board of SOA shape and execute its strategy for the development of orienteering in Scotland.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attend SOA Board meetings (normally 4 per year) and engage in correspondence between meetings to offer independent advice on the full range of SOA business
  • Ensure that the strategic leadership of the SOA is equipped with the skills and knowledge to meet inherent challenges
  • Maintain independent oversight of the policies, rules, guidelines and standards adopted by the SOA as a Scottish Governing Body of sport
  • Support the SOA in engaging with partners, funding bodies and other external agencies
  • Work with and provide advice to staff and volunteers as they deliver the SOA’s strategic objectives
  • Act as an impartial counsellor for Directors, staff, volunteers or members who might wish to bring forward confidential issues

Scottish Championships 2017

Co-ordinator’s Comments

The Scottish Champs is delegated to East District every three years.  We have no areas to rival North and West, so normally everyone is driving many hours back and forth up the A9.  So it was a delight to have it somewhat local on the very best areas available in the Lothians.  Thanks to ELO for noticing that the Strains live on a quality urban area and staging the Friday warm-up.   Thanks to ESOC et al for a typically Esocian Saturday race and to INT et al for a characteristically Interlopery job on Sunday.  vive la difference!

Graeme Ackland, INT.

ELO Sprint Race

Friday 19th (evening), Tranent.

ELO is hosting the 5th event in the bto Scottish Orienteering Urban League as a prologue to the 2017 Scottish Championships.

We welcome you to the historic town of Tranent, site of the first recorded coal mining anywhere, and the first tracked railway in Scotland.

Details and results on the ELO website.

Individual Race

Saturday 20th May Gullane, Archerfield, and Yellowcraig

The finest area in East Lothian featuring an extensive series of open and forested coastal dunes between Gullane and Dirleton, remapped from LiDaR with sections new to orienteering, with the event centre at Archerfield Walled Garden.

This event wil incorporate the Scottish Inter-Club Championships (SICC)

INT Relay Race

Sunday 21st May.  Binning Wood

Newly remapped and derhodoed, with a complex ride network unchanged since the original 1755 map.

SportsAid Scotland Awards 2017

Congratulations to the following junior athletes who have been awarded grants from the Robertson Trust by SportsAid Scotland to help them meet their training and competition costs for the coming year.

Freddie Carcas INT £500
Jake Chapman MAROC £1,000
Grace Molloy FVO £1,000
Finlay Todd INVOC £500

The Robertson Trust is a charity which was established in 1961 by three sisters, Elspeth, Agnes and Ethel Robertson, when they donated their shares in the family business, founded in the 1850s by their grandfather William Robertson, to the Trust for charitable purposes. It is through the foresight of these three sisters, and the continuing hard work and generosity of the present Trustees, that SportsAid Scotland is able to provide these awards. The SOA are asked to nominate juniors who are most likely to go on to represent Scotland at senior level and to succeed on the national and international stage.

They all represented Scotland in 2016 and Jake and Grace represented Great Britain at the European Youth Championships and Junior European Cup, with Grace achieving 4th place at EYOC Sprint. They were all selected for the GB Talent Squad in 2017.

Well done!

SOA & FVO appoint new Club Development Officer

Chris will be known to many of you as a member of the GBR squad and World Championships competitor. He also has a wide range of experience in promoting, organising and coaching orienteering at all levels. Chris will be working with the FVO committee on his priorities for the immediate future and looking further ahead. In addition, FVO are working with the SOA regional development officer, Rona Lindsay, on additional projects.

Congratulations Chris and welcome to the team!

FVO are fully funding this post thanks to the support of sportscotland and great efforts by the FVO committee. 


Chris will be working approx. 1 day / week and his contact details are:

Chris Smithard
Development Officer
Forth Valley Orienteers

Focus Clubs Initiative

We currently have capacity to support eight Focus Clubs throughout Scotland. If you’d like your club to be part of this exciting programme, there are a number of criteria which we’ll be using to select the eight clubs. Clubs will need to meet, or show that you’re willing to work towards, the following criteria:

 • First and foremost, readiness to embrace change

 • Willingness to commit club funds to contribute to costs of employing Club Development Officer (with remainder of funding coming directly from SOA and third parties – e.g. sportscotland Direct Club Investment)

 • Take part in a club accreditation scheme

• Up-to-date Constitution & robust Development Plan

 • Membership of at least one local Community Sports Hub

 • Willingness to contribute to open map sharing – publicly share 3 quality club maps for use by anyone with interest in orienteering (subject to sensible restrictions to protect access)

• Modern & effective membership communication systems

To express interest please contact Rona Lindsay at or Johannes Petersen at to start the conversation.

SOA Event levies 2018

The board reserves the right to propose changes to event levies or memberships at a future date, depending upon the results of this trial and any other factors which become relevant. If it becomes necessary to propose a change to the levy rate, this will be brought forward to the AGM in the usual way.
Read More…

Introducing Orienteering – New Course for Teachers

On the course you will learn how to introduce the basic skills of orienteering through indoor and outdoor activities, and how to bring a variety of subjects to life through the medium of orienteering.  As well as offering the incentive for significant physical activity, orienteering offers links with many areas of the curriculum which are of genuine interest to young people.

Read More…

Orienteers on The Adventure Show

Great coverage of the Original Mountain Marathon on The Adventure Show with very positive mentions of “Scottish Orienteers” Jess Tullie and Kersten Leslie (reported elsewhere as Team Scotland Orienteering). Watch it on the BBC iPlayer. Great publicity for this sport to try and attract the adventure racers out there.