Orienteering Edinburgh

Following a successful series of Orienteering Edinburgh events in the early Summer, we decided to run a series of lunchtime events in the winter to maximise daylight. For this 4 week series each event starts at Festival Square in central Edinburgh, every Thursday lunchtime for 4 weeks. Each week there are new courses to try. 

The events are aimed at those working in the surrounding offices. To market the events, we reached out to local offices, contacted local running clubs, got current orienteers to encourage their friends and colleagues along and distributed eye-catching flyers. 

Having completed two out of the four events planned so far, we have had a strong turnout, particularly with those under 40. For the first event we had 26 participants, most of whom were new to orienteering or familiar faces from the first series. 

For the second event we had 15 participants including participants returning for another go and bringing friends along. We also had some new feather banners and hi-vis jackets with Orienteering Edinburgh branding to help us stand out and make the event look more cohesive. 

Thanks to everyone who has come along so far. We are looking forward to another strong turnout next week.