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Thank you

Thank you to the Forestry Commission Scotland who have given us permission to use South Achray and Fairy Knowe & Doon Hill Forests and to Stirling University for allowing us to use their University grounds. Thanks to all the dedicated volunteer helpers who have delivered this major event. And to our sponsors and supporters – see final page – without which we would be over budget and have naff prizes!


Central Scotland There is a lot of history to the area around Stirling and a heap of wonderful countryside within the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. Look around you when you’re not racing hard.

Here is a handy Googlemap which shows where all the training, racing and accommodation venues are. Please print off all travel details/maps you will need for JEC as the organiser will not provide further support here.


Teams will be expected to make their own transport arrangements both to and from the airport and between accommodation and race venues.


All entered teams will be accommodated at the Scottish Outdoor Education Centre, Dounans, Aberfolyle.

Teams will be accommodated in a number of large multiple-bedded units with toilets and showers in the same block or very close by. Bedding will be provided, please bring towels. The accommodation is basic but adequate (please do not expect hotels). Each Team should also be able to find a suitable meeting/chill-out area close to their block. Any questions about the accommodation please report to our on-site volunteer – Louise Longhurst.

Upon arrival, teams will be given “Team Bags” which will have a few final bulletins, start lists, meal time details, SI-Air dibbers and competitor bibs for all three events and other useful things. Teams going directly to the sprint race can collect their “Team Bag” from the Sprint Arena.


Breakfasts and evening meals will be provided at the accommodation in a large dining hall. Please adhere to the eating times given in your team packs. Packed lunches for each day must be collected at breakfast by Team Leaders.

We will do our best to cater for “special” requests such as vegetarians. We will also try to ensure an adequate supply of food and carbohydrates for hungry athletes. However, this centre is used to catering for younger people – it is advised that teams bring their own back-up supplies of late evening snacks and pre and post-race snacks.


Friday 30th September: Sprint, Airthrey Castle and Stirling University

Saturday 1st October: Relay, South Achray, Aberfoyle

Sunday 2nd October: Long Distance, Fairy Knowe & Doon Hill, Aberfoyle

There are spectator races following the JEC events on the Friday and Saturday. There is a Scottish Orienteering League open race on the Sunday alongside the JEC Long Distance – details can be found on the Clydeside webpage.


The Junior European Cup is open to national teams of competitors not older than 20 years of age on 31 December 2016.

Sprint Classes: W18, M18, W20, M20 (max 6 competitors per nation in each class)

Relay Classes: Women, Men (max 4 relay teams per nation in each class)

Long Distance: W18, M18, W20, M20 (max 6 competitors per nation in each class)

National Team Scoring

There will be a National Team score based on the results of all three competitions according to:

Sprint & Long Distance: The two best results (positions) from each nation and class will be counted. If any nation fields one or no runner in any class then the non-existent starts will be counted by taking the maximum number of points (total number of starters in that class) + 1.

Relay: The highest placed team for each nation in each class will be counted and its position will be multiplied by 6.

The National Team with the lowest sum after the three competitions will win the National Team results and will be crowned Junior European Cup Team Champions 2016.


There are three dedicated training sessions available to teams to use on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday before JEC – Team Leaders have been emailed full details. Please print off your own team maps in advance of travel. For any further information contact:


Thursday 29th September

10:00 – 17:00 Training available at two forests and one sprint area

15:00+ Check-in at accommodation – Dounans Centre, Aberfoyle. Please do not arrive any earlier. Teams arriving after 22:00 must text Jason an accurate time of arrival on +44 7967 976059.

Please note there is no evening meal (dinner) booked for this evening.

20:30 Team Leader Meeting (Welcome, accommodation, sprint – minimal info). It is hoped this bulletin should answer most of your questions!

Friday 30th September

08:00 Breakfast, collect packed lunches for your team

09:00-10:00 Competition Office open, Dounans Centre

09:00-14:00 Training available at two forests and one sprint area

Not before 14:00 Stirling University available for teams to arrive at parking

14:15-18:00 Competition Office open at Sprint event, Stirling University

15:50 All competitors must have signed in at Sprint Quarantine – see event details.

15:50 First start at Sprint race

17:43 Expected conclusion of the sprint races.

19:00 Competition Office open at Dounans Centre

19:00-20:00 Dinner at Dounans Centre, Aberfoyle (See Team meal time list in team bags)

20:00 Team Leader Meeting, Dounans Centre (all teams) – Large Hall

20:30 Prize Giving Ceremony for Sprint Distance, Dounans Centre – Large Hall

Saturday 1st October

07:00 – 08:00 Breakfast available, collect packed lunches for your team

09:30am Competition Office open at Relay event, Dounans Centre

11:00 Men’s Relay Start

11:20 Women’s Relay Start

15:00 Competition Office closes at Relay event, Dounans Centre

PM Free time for teams – why not be tourists?

17:00-18:00 Competition Office open at Dounans Centre

18:00-19:00 Dinner at Dounans Centre, Aberfoyle

19:00 Team Leader Meeting, Dounans Centre – Large Hall

20:00 Prize Giving Ceremony for Relays, Dounans Centre – Large Hall

20:30-23:00 Disco for athletes – Large Hall, Reception for Team staff – Room to be confirmed

Sunday 2nd October

07:00-08:00 Breakfast available, collect packed lunches for your team

08:00-09:00 Competition Centre open for Long Distance at Dounans Centre

09:30 First Start – Long Distance

13:00 Prize Giving for Long and Team Event, Dounans Centre, Aberfoyle

14:00 Teams depart

Embargoed areas

The forests of South Achray and Fairy Knowe & Doon Hill (new extension 2016) both near Aberfoyle are embargoed for orienteering activities, as are the grounds of Stirling University for the sprint. As the accommodation is in the centre of the relay area teams will receive a map in their “Team Bags” highlighting where it is safe to train and warm-up/down.

Electronic Punching System

SportIdent SI-Air (SIAC) system will be used in all JEC 2016 races. JEC 2016 will supply all athletes with one SIAC dibber for use over the weekend; they will be in the Team Bags. Please do not use your own. It is the responsibility of the team leader to sign out the correct number of loaned SIACs and take responsibility for ensuring all are returned. They must be handed in by athletes at the finish of the Long Distance race. A charge of £60 will be made to a Nation for every missing SIAC. During competition should the SI Air (touch-free) punching appear to fail at any control please punch the unit as normal. If this also fails, punch anywhere on your map using the pin-punch attached to the control.


This competition is not JWOC but we would like to keep all the races as fair as possible. Please do not bring any old maps of the areas to the competition areas, do not show your map to runners who haven’t started, do not use any communication devices at the pre-start areas and do not go to the pre-start area after finishing your run. We expect Team Leaders and staff to police such things and ensure the competition is as fair as possible.


Please abide by IOF rules (long trousers for Relay and Long).


Athletes may well encounter ticks during the forest competitions. Please do an all-body check after your race and deal with them appropriately.


As the famous comedian Billy Connolly said, “Scotland has only two season, June and Winter” Please come expecting wind, rain, snow, midges, tourists and haggis. For a more accurate prediction, nearer the time, please refer to the

Team Tents

We strongly recommend that each nation brings a team tent with them and erects it at the Assembly area for the Relay and Long. The sprint will have some indoor accommodation teams can use.

Insurance & Medical Emergencies

Participation for staff and athletes at the Junior European Cup 2016 is at your own risk. Each National Team is responsible for their own valid insurance for travel, medical cover, etc. The nearest Hospital Accident & Emergency department is: Forth Valley Royal Hospital, Stirling Road, LARBERT, FK5 4WR, Telephone: 01324 566000

Or closer to the events:

Minor Injuries Unit, Stirling Community Hospital, Livilands Gate, Stirling, FK8 2AU, Phone: 01786 434036

Open every day from 9am – 9pm – no appointment necessary

Team Leaders & Team Leader Meetings

Each National team is expected to nominate a Team Leader who shall be present at meetings and be the main contact for the organising staff. Team Leader meetings will be held at the Large Hall at Dounans Centre (details on arrival). It is presumed that not all teams will be present until the Friday evening and so all details regarding the Sprint event are included in this bulletin.


The organisers cannot provide any transport for any part of JEC 2016. Allow for delays in travelling times, plus vehicle drop-off and check-in times when departing for your return flights.


The cost includes entries to all 3 competitions, maps, accommodation, meals from Friday dinner to packed lunch on Sunday. There will be no reduction for later arrivals.

Teams arriving on the Thursday afternoon will be provided accommodation (breakfast, packed lunch) and have access to training areas for Thursday (all day) and Friday morning.

Final Entries and Final Payments

Final and complete entries with full payment are to be received now (!) using the Final Entry form on the website and the electronic transfer of fees. Remember that entries are closed and only minor changes to your entry lists can be accepted.

Start Lists

The start lists for the Sprint and Long Distance have been drawn using random number sequencing, under the supervision of someone who we think isn’t mad. We have taken into account the team requests for early, middle and late start blocks and all 3 races start times and relay team information will be available in advance of the competition for Team Leaders to print off.

Race Bibs

There will be bib numbers for all three competitions. For the individual races bib numbers count downwards so the last starter in each class ends in 01. The relay order has been decided using last year’s JEC relay results. Bibs should not be folded or cut. Bibs will be in team bags to be collected on arrival at Dounans Centre or will be available at the Sprint competition office on the Friday for teams going directly to the sprint race.


Details of the maps are provided in each event details section below. They will be printed on waterproof paper. After the problems at WOC it may be wise that in the event of heavy rain you may wish to bring your own map bag for protection, these will not be provided by the organisers. All maps will fit, folded appropriately, or whole, into an A4 sized map bag.

Starts for the Sprint & Long Distance

The start will be silent – competitors should make their way to the start and indicate their presence to the Start Official when the pre-start clock shows their start time. Competitors must arrive in time for their allocated start.

The pre-start clock will show race time minus call up zones (eg -3 or -4) time. It is a timed start.

In the Pre-start area you will have the opportunity to check that your SI Air punching is working with a Clear, Check and Test unit. After this the SIAC needs to be cleared and checked again. A clear station will be located in front of the starts and a final safety check will be done by the start team.

Late starters – if you miss your start time and it is not the fault of the organisers then you will start when the officials can accommodate you and your start time will be the original start time. If it is the fault of the organisers we will attempt to start you at a suitable time and offer a punching start.

Descriptions will be printed on your map in all races and will be available loose, in the start lanes, for the Sprint and Long distances. They will not be available prior to the events.

Relay Start

See Relay day details.


It is a SI-Air punching finish; athletes should register a punch at the finish unit in the same way as at every other control.


Results will be displayed on laptops at the arenas, on a local Wi-Fi network called O_results, with the URL and, subject to signal, on the internet at:



Result links, overall results, team scores, routegadget etc will all be linked from our website.


In accordance with our Green Policy there will be no refreshments at the finish arenas. Teams are advised to bring plenty of water to each competition for post and pre-race refreshment. In the UK all tap water is regarded as safe to drink unless there are clear signs at the tap advising you not to drink it.


In the event of a protest please make this in writing as soon as possible and before final results are published. Pass it to the JEC Day Organiser who will endeavour to resolve the issue as soon as possible. In the event of an appeal against the result of a protest then the race Jury (agreed at Thursday Team Leader meeting) will consider the appeal. A period of 20 minutes will be allowed from publishing the provisional race results until the final results are confirmed.

Presentation Ceremonies

All three ceremonies will take place, as timetabled, at the accommodation centre. Teams are recommended to bring up to three national flags.

Entry Status as of 26/09/16

W18 W20 M18 M20 Officials
TOTAL 43 44 43 43 30

Previous map samples

South Achray mapFairy Knowe & Doon Hill mapStirling University map

JEC 2010

2010 was the last time the event was held in Scotland, you can see the JEC2010 website here.