Focus Clubs Initiative

We currently have capacity to support eight Focus Clubs throughout Scotland. If you’d like your club to be part of this exciting programme, there are a number of criteria which we’ll be using to select the eight clubs. Clubs will need to meet, or show that you’re willing to work towards, the following criteria:

 • First and foremost, readiness to embrace change

 • Willingness to commit club funds to contribute to costs of employing Club Development Officer (with remainder of funding coming directly from SOA and third parties – e.g. sportscotland Direct Club Investment)

 • Take part in a club accreditation scheme

• Up-to-date Constitution & robust Development Plan

 • Membership of at least one local Community Sports Hub

 • Willingness to contribute to open map sharing – publicly share 3 quality club maps for use by anyone with interest in orienteering (subject to sensible restrictions to protect access)

• Modern & effective membership communication systems

To express interest please contact Rona Lindsay at or Johannes Petersen at to start the conversation.