A Big Thank You to Helen and Tim O’Donoghue

Helen and Tim O'Donoghue
Helen and Tim

Helen and Tim O’Donoghue have been in the role of Scottish Orienteering coaching coordinators for several years. Their unwavering support, hard work and tireless attention to detail deserves a huge thank you and acknowledgement. Having made the decision to step down from this role, they can now use their boundless energy in their own club, Solway and to other personal commitments. As an active SOA board member in the role of safety director, Tim’s contributions are necessary and visible to all involved in the sport. It has been a year of constant decision making, changes and adaptations. Tim has added significant value to our sport and association with his steady advice and forth right decision making. Helen has kept our coaching newsletter relevant and our data base updated. Not an easy job nor especially noticed and with acknowledgment.

Solway has two very committed members and SOA continues to be fortunate for their contributions. A personal thank you from me and an enormous Munro sized thank you from the clubs and all of the Scottish Orienteering Association.

Denise Martn