SOA Development Conference 2010

On Saturday 19th June we had our first Development Conference.  A large part of the benefit of such an occasion is the opportunity for informal discussion, but for those of you who couldn’t be there, copies of the presentations are now available.

21st Jun 10

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Our stated aim at this conference was to learn from each other’s successes and from other bodies such as British Orienteering and sportScotland.  Judging by comments on the day and afterwards, not to mention evaluation sheets, that aim was very effectively met.  Many participants commented on the tremendous value from just talking to each other about shared concerns and experiences.  There were moments of great hilarity with Steve Vernon’s running drills, though of course we all appreciate the genuine benefit of these exercises as well.

Text-only versions (manageable file sizes) of presentations are now available, along with Ecko’s written submission which was also handed out on the day:

Robert Kincaid has put his summary of the conference on the Ecko website.

My own summary of proceedings is also now available.

Photo of authorPosted on 21st Jun 10
by Hilary Quick