SOA Activity Weekend 2013

Nearly 90 SOA members descended on Glenmore Lodge and enjoyed a variety of physical activities and learning opportunities, in magnificent surroundings and pleasant sunshine.  Many, many thanks to all who contributed their time, effort and expertise.  Results, handouts and feedback will be posted here as they become available - handouts from Lynne Walker’s “Mental” session and the Organiser’s Workshop now added, with apologies for delay.

30th Sep 13

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The list of volunteers who willingly gave their time, effort and expertise is a long one, and it would be impossible to be entirely equitable in including all tutors, facilitators, coaches, planners, assistants, fetchers and carriers who played a part in making the weekend so successful.  You know who you are, and you should be glowing warmly with satisfaction.  Thank you.  We are also most grateful to Mark Murray and Jed McKernie from UHI for the Strength and Conditioning sessions, which will probably cause several people to make some radical changes to their training, and to Laurie Piper, Communications Manager for Highlife Highland, who convinced a few more folk that orienteering clubs should be making more use of social media.

For me the high point of the weekend occurred while I was teaching the Coaching Foundation course - to 6 adults with an 8-year-old sitting quietly in the room, ostensibly reading her book.  I asked for types of questions.  Immediately the young voice piped up "inferential, evaluative and literal", and 7 adult chins hit the ground.  When quizzed further over lunch, said 8-year-old gave examples, using Goldilocks and the Three Bears as base material.  Thank you Kirsten!

For those of you who didn't manage to complete it at the time, the evaluation form is available below and we really would appreciate all comments.  Please return it in any format, preferably before Monday 7th October.

Feedback, results, handouts etc. 

Handouts from Lynne Walker's brilliant mental session:  Making a start, Mental Toughness, Orienteer Mental Development, Performance Criteria, Qualities, Sayings, What-if Scenarios, Superstitious Players and suggestions for further reading

Lynne also supplied this link to using OCAD for training sessions, and more about OCAD can be found on the OCAD website, which includes a particularly useful "WIKI" item.  You can also download this otherwise useless OCAD file to play with.

Various handouts from the Organisers' Workshop:  basic checklist, organiser/planner/controller jobs, participants' contributions to organiser jobs list, practical tasks, scenario responses, top tips for orienteering and whole event checklist.

Answers to the Controller's Taping Challenge, with thanks to Rob Hickling

Robin Strain's excellent notes on SI can be downloaded from elsewhere on the SOA website or direct from Robin's own pages

Materials from Laurie Piper's session:  social media cheat sheet, 20 tips for Facebook, key points for Facebook, social media guidelines for athletes and coaches  presentation summary will follow shortly.  See also Mashable's beginner's guide to Facebook and other useful guidance via the Facebook section of Mashable website

WOC 2015 presentation covering opportunities for volunteering and sharing with thanks to Linda Cairns

Strength and Conditioning presentation from Mark Murray and Jed McKernie

Condes worksheet

Glenmore Trail-O solution with thanks to Anne Hickling

Friendship relay results with thanks to Denise Wright for planning

GPS tracking courtesy of Robin Strain and Ted Finch

NightO results also with thanks to Robin Strain

GPS analysis resources by Paul Frost




Lost property found:  one thumb compass

Downloadable Documents

Glenmore Trail O solution

Evaluation form for Glenmore weekend

Final information

Final timetable
final version

Session summaries

Attendees and session choices
version 2 - 18 Sept. 2013

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