Condes for course planning

The Condes User Guide has been updated for use with version 9 of the Condes software, which offers several improvements in both functionality and interface.  Of particular interest to coaches and anyone planning unconventional events is the ability to do things to the underlying map - see section 17 of the User Guide.

29th Sep 14

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The User Guide for Condes version 9 is available as a Word document (with hyperlinks that work) and PDF for those without the required Word software.

The User Guide for the previous version of Condes will remain available for a while.

A half-day workshop is available for anyone requiring a practical introduction to use of Condes.  Details from Hilary Quick - e-mail  

(For those who don't know, Condes is the software used by most orienteering clubs - in Scotland at least - for course planning.  It's powerful and easy to use, and the fact that it's licensed to the club rather than to each individual user makes it a very attractive choice.  Visit the Condes website for more information and to download trial or full version  of the software.)

Downloadable Documents

Current Condes User Guide, PDF

Current Condes User Guide, Word version

Previous Condes User Guide, for Condes v8
This will be removed in due course, when we think everyone to have moved to version 9 of Condes.

Photo of authorPosted on 29th Sep 14
by Hilary Quick