Coaching Foundation course

This course was designed specifically for experienced orienteers who want to dip their toes into the waters of coaching, and as a stepping stone towards the UKCC qualifications.  The course fee is £60 for members of clubs affiliated to SOA, £100 for non-members.

13th Dec 15

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The Coaching Foundation course comprises a sub-set of the UKCC Level 1 curriculum, allowing participants to follow it with the 2-day version of the UKCC Level 1 course, or to go direct to UKCC Level 2 (after completing some written tasks as Recognition of Prior Learning).  

If you want a one-day taster of coaching, this is the course for you.  It comprises some indoor discussion and activites, followed by practical coaching outdoors.

Candidates for UKCC L1 must be aged at least 17, and must be competent at TD4 or above;  for this course we expect most participants to be at least close to that level.

The course is also ideal for qualified coaches who want a refresher.

Course fee £60 (non SOA members £100).

To book or if you have further queries, please email

Photo of authorPosted on 13th Dec 15
by Hilary Quick