Friday 30th September 2016

Airthrey Castle & Stirling University
Planner - Graham Gristwood (Forth Valley Orienteers)
Controller - Graeme Ackland (Interlopers)
Organiser - Jon Cross (Forth Valley Orienteers)

Official Results



The location of Stirling University is shown on this googlemap. It can be approached from junction 11 of the M9 (then through Bridge of Allan) or from junction 10 of the M9 (then through Stirling and Causewayhead).

Please use the main entrance to Stirling University, accessed from the A9 between Bridge of Allan and Stirling (see map).

Parking will be signed from the main entrance and is at the Pathfoot Building of the Stirling University campus. Toilet facilities are available inside the Pathfoot Building. All teams should note that we are using car parks where payment is required. Please make sure you have some coins to buy your ticket from the “Pay and display” machine.

Location map

Please park as directed and follow signs to the arena, do not go anywhere else on the university campus.


Please follow event signs from the parking to the arena. There will be access to toilets adjacent to the arena.

The arena includes the finish and has an adjacent covered area with information/enquiries, issue of any remaining competitor race numbers and SI-Air cards, start lists, results display. There will also be café facilities.

The organisers regret that it is not possible for teams to put up tents in the arena but there is access to the covered area, and kit may be left securely there.

Competitors will be visible from the arena during the race as well as for the finish. There will be race commentary.

There will be signs from the arena to the quarantine. All athletes (and coaches intending to go to quarantine) must leave the arena in time to sign in at quarantine no later than the first start time of 15:50. The quarantine is a maximum 15 minutes easy walk from the arena.

After competitors finish their race, they are not allowed to enter the competition area again until after the last finisher. They will be given a map showing the permitted area for cooling down.

Start blocks

M18 start block is 1550-1632 with the winner expected to be known by 1647

W18 start block is 1555-1637 with the winner expected to be known by 1652

M20 start block is 1641-1723 with the winner expected to be known by 1738

W20 start block is 1645-1728 with the winner expected to be known by 1743

Quarantine/Warm Up

From the arena, competitors will be directed to the quarantine area (maximum 15 minutes easy walk). Competitors should make sure they have their race bib number and JEC SIAC card before leaving to go to quarantine.

At the quarantine there will be shelter, toilets, and areas for changing and warming up.

There will be a warm-up map adjacent to the quarantine.


After sign-in to quarantine closes, it is forbidden for anybody else to enter or for anybody inside to have any contact with people or information from outside. Telecommunication devices may not be used in the quarantine. Team leaders/coaches may go to the quarantine but once they have left the quarantine/warmup area, they may not return to it. Kit may be left at quarantine for transfer to the finish but the organisers cannot guarantee that kit will reach the finish before the competitor does!


Call up to the start will be at - 3 minutes and is adjacent to the quarantine.

Control descriptions will be issued at - 2 minutes.

Map information

Map drawn to ISSOM by Graham Gristwood September 2016

1:4,000, 2.5m contour interval, A4 printed by BML on waterproof paper.

Power lines are not shown on the map. The small tree/bush symbol has been used to represent both trees and bushes.

Large single trees with branches extending a significant distance at ground level are mapped as thickets. When used as control sites, such single trees are described as "thicket".


The terrain includes a deep lake, steep banks and high cliffs (do not try to cross cliffs mapped as impassable!).

One dangerous cliff which is on a straight line between two controls will be marked in the terrain with yellow/black tape.

There may also be some parking or slow moving cars on the courses: please take care when crossing roads or car parks.

Please also be aware of students and other pedestrians and avoid collisions!

Course and terrain information

Course lengths / optimal lengths, climb, number of controls

M18 – 2.6km / 3.2km, 85m, 24 controls

W18 – 2.0km / 2.5km, 65m, 20 controls

M20 – 2.8km / 3.5km, 95m, 26 controls

W20 – 2.2km / 2.8km, 75m, 22 controls

Airthrey Castle and Stirling University is a beautiful university campus dominated by a large lake, with a forested hillside and accommodation blocks to the north, and university buildings and park and woodland to the south.

Runners will encounter runnable woodland and parkland, areas of rough open (long grass), areas of open (short grass) and asphalt. There are very few areas with thick vegetation, and they are easily avoided. There are steep cliffs and some stony areas.

The golf course is out of bounds and marked in olive green, but there is no advantage to entering it.

Runners may encounter 'Private' signs - these can be ignored. There is a bridge over the lake - it is possible to run over OR under the bridge (see picture).

Bridge example

Courses have a lot of controls, and there will be many controls in the terrain, often close together and on similar features, so it is very important to check your codes!

There are a number of uncrossable features and some 'special' features in the terrain (see below). There will be marshals in the terrain who will disqualify people who are seen as crossing anything marked as uncrossable on the map.

Impassable symbols

Please note there will a number of artificial barriers in the terrain which will be marked on the map by a thick purple line, and in the terrain by red and white tapes - do not cross them!

Recommended shoes and clothing

Shoes with good grip are the best choice, as there is relatively little asphalt running, and a large amount in runnable woodland and parkland. There are also steep slopes and cliffs which may be passed on the course. Orienteering shoes with studs are recommended but metal dobs are permitted if desired.

It is possible to wear shorts, but competitors may prefer to have leg cover because of the long grass and vegetation.

Spectator races

There is a JEC Spectator Sprint event after the JEC races are completed. Competitors should make their way to the quarantine area/pre-start as soon as JEC has concluded. There will be a short start window because of impending darkness. Courses will close at 6:45pm.

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