Spectator Races

Friday - Sprint - Stirling University

Results - WinSplits - Routegadget

Saturday - JEC Relay - South Achray

Results - WinSplits - Routegadget (see below)

Sunday - see Clyde's event details

JEC Long Distance runners start from 9:30am, SOL classes from 11:10

Entry lists on oentries.com

Final details Final details

Routegadget doesn't cope very well with the way we ran the Relay Spectators' race. All of your results are under the final entry of Men or Women.

After that you have got to cope with the fact that both halves of your course are on the same map.

This report shows you who were running the same gaffle and also you can compare with the JEC runners times on your gaffle.

Edited on 01st Oct 16