Major SOA Events

Scottish Championships

Combination of individual and relays co-ordinated by Areas and devolved to member clubs. This is a National event, individuals rules & guidelines.

Scottish Score Championships

Usually the last major event of the year (November), where route choice and time management is left to the individual.

Scottish inter-club Championships

Usually held along with the Score Championships, rules & guidelines.

Scottish Night Championships

Held on a Saturday Night, usually in November, and is usually combined with an event the day after.

Scottish Inter Club Team Relays

Fun event usually held in September, rules & guidelines.

Scottish O League

A series of ranking events held throughout the country normally consisting of 7 events and usually with a competitor’s top 4 scores to count. This is a Regional level event, rules & guidelines.


Year SOC/SRC Score/SICC Night 11 Person
1998 North KFO East CUNOC
1999 West ELO Midlands Maroc
2000 Midlands STAG North
2001 Cancelled MOR West FVO
2002 East Clyde East Solway
2003 North ESOC North Gramp
2004 West Invoc West RR
2005 East CUNOC East KFO
2006 North LINOC North ECKO
2007 West Maroc West TAY
2008 East TINTO East BASOC
2009 North INT North STAG
2010 West GRAMP West ESOC
2011 East FVO East CLYDE
2012 North SOLWAY North ELO
2013 West TAY West Maroc
2014 East Basoc East AYROC