Scottish Championships 2015, Relay

Final Details (20th May

EckO, STAG, TINTO, FVO, AYROC, CLYDE and SOLWAY welcome you to the West coast of Scotland on 24th May 2015 for the Scottish Orienteering Relay Championships at Inverawe Country Park. We have been able to use this area by kind permission of the owners, Robert and Rosie Campbell-Preston.

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Important/Additional Information to Note:

  • This event uses the SPORTident (SI) Timing.
  • Competitors are advised to carry a whistle.
  • A waterproof may be required for running in depending on weather conditions & if so signs will be on display in the Parking field and in the Event Arena.
  • Full body cover is required.
  • No water will be provided. Please bring your own.
  • Please return any trophies to the Enquiries Tent on Saturday at the Individual event.
  • A car key drop is available at Enquiries.
  • Please note information below concerning powerlines.
  • Please don't park in the permanent carpark or use the toilets in the cafe.

Additional Safety Information

Hygiene and Ticks: Livestock and deer roam the event area and their droppings may contain serious diseases, including e-coli, so please wash hands, especially before eating.

Ticks are abundant in the area and are known to carry Lyme's disease. Please check yourself thoroughly after your run. If you are unsure how to remove a tick safely then please visit the first aid tent.

Medical Information: If you have an underlying medical condition please email the Organiser by Thursday evening 21st May with the relevant details and next of kin contact details. These details will be kept confidential/for emergency use only and destroyed after the event. Contact:

Please note that participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.

Travel and Parking


Car Park: Grid Reference: NN 021316, Postcode PA35 1HU, Lat/Long 56.435N 5.210W.
Link to Google Map, Bing Map (OS)

Inverawe is signed (Inverawe Smokery) from Bridge of Awe on the A85 east of Taynuilt; it is 1.5m/2.8km along a narrow road with regular passing places.

For further information about Inverawe please go to

Parking will be in a field adjacent to the permanent carpark (which we have been requested not to park in) with additional parking along adjacent roads. There may be up to a 1 km walk to assembly. There will be a £1 charge for all vehicles. Please obey any instructions from car parking marshals on both entry and exit.

Event Arena

The event arena field is adjacent to the main car parking area.

Event layout map

Club Tents and Banners – There will be space for club tents and banners in the Event Arena, however please follow instructions from the marshalls as to where tents and banners can be erected due to overhead powerlines.

Please note it is forbidden to walk around with banners or to use kites, remote controlled aerial cameras, or similar tall or flying apparatus.

The event arena will contain:

  • Enquiries
  • Start/Finish/Handover/Map issue
  • Relay amendments
  • First Aid Provision (please advise the First Aid providers if there are any medical conditions they should be aware of before you stat your run)

Located just above the Event Arena in the permanent carpark will be:

  • ScotJOS Cake stall with hot drinks (please support)
  • Inverawe Cafe which will be serving burgers (handmade by the local butcher) from the BBQ with a selection of gourmet sauces along with their usual delicious menu of smoked salmon sandwiches and other goodies available from the cafe.

Toilets – These will be located in the main carpark.


Dogs are permitted in the event arena but NOT on the courses, and must be on leads at all times.

Please clear up any mess.

Start and changeover

The junior classes BOF 36- and 44- will start at 10.30am with call up 15 minutes before at 10.15am. All senior classes will start at 10.45am with call up 15 minutes before at 10.30am.

The sequence of bib colours is red, white, blue.

After map issue, second and third leg runners will wait in a holding area before moving forward to the changeover line as their incoming runner approaches. Incoming runners will only be visible from the last control, so waiting runners will need to be vigilant. All competitors must download even if they don't complete their course. On exiting download there will be a compulsory map collection area. One representative from each club should collect the club‘s map bag from the finish area after all competitors have started.

Mini-mass start(s) will happen at appropriate times if necessary.

Courses close at 3.00pm.

Terrain & Map Information

An area of many terrain types with considerable rock and contour detail and mostly good runnability. In the south, a complex, undulating area of deciduous woodland surrounds two fishing ponds. This area has a good path network. To the north the land rises steeply though beautifully open beech woodland backed by complex moorland with spectacular views up Loch Etive. The longest courses (A and B) will experience some tougher underfoot conditions with areas of tussocks and bog myrtle, but courses have been planned with an eye to runnability. All Courses will finish with a fast, flat run through fields adjoining the River Awe. There are marked crossing points on many fences and use of these is compulsory. Please report any damage caused to fences or walls at the finish.

Maps are laser printed at a Scale of 1:10000. Original survey was by Stirling Surveys in 2006. Updates have been made by Andy Dale in May 2015.

Power lines have been omitted throughout. In the fields this greatly improves clarity and in the open area it removes some of the few line features, enhancing the navigational challenge.

Many areas mapped as rough open have extensive scattering of small trees meaning that they may appear as semi-open.

An area encountered soon after the start has a number of play structures in the woods, including a low fence and minor paths. These are not mapped, except for one significant, elevated structure which is mapped as a black X and used as a control feature (Special Item X in control descriptions).

Course Information and safety notes

Relay Leg Length

A Courses 5.7 km, 280 m climb
B Courses 4.9 km, 260 m climb
C Courses 4.2 km, 215 m climb
D Courses 3.3 km, 155 m climb
Light Green 3.3 km, 175 m climb
Orange 2.2 km, 55 m climb
Yellow 1.8 km, 25 m climb

Course order by class

ClassCourses to be run
1. Men’s OpenAAA
2. Women’s OpenBCC
3. age-class: 8+ pointABC
4. age-class: 11+ pointBCC
5. age-class: 14+ pointBDC
6. age-class: 17+ pointCDC
7. age-class: 20+ pointDDC
8. Junior: Total BOF age 44-LGOLG
9 Junior: Total BOF age 36-YYO
  • All courses have some forking/gaffling.
  • All courses use a number of compulsory crossing points to cross fences. These are indicated as compulsory in the control descriptions and on the course overprint.
  • The main access road to Inverawe is out of bounds, indicated by overprinted red crosses. Courses will cross this road at marshalled crossing points and briefly run along it on the second time of crossing. While this is a very quiet road, please take care when crossing it.
  • A private road through the estate will be used by Yellow and Orange courses. There may be occasional vehicles on this road, however residents have been warned of the event and marshalls will be present to warn incoming vehicles.
  • There are a number of small areas overprinted as out of bounds within the competition area. One of these is a junk yard with a number of hazards. A second is the area surrounding a caravan near the ponds. Please respect these.
  • The run-out from assembly passes through a hazardous area of waste treatment tanks related to the smokery. The boundary of the safe route will be clearly marked on either side by black and yellow hazard tape. Please do not cross these tapes!
  • Board walks in the pond areas are somewhat old. Please use them with care as planks may be loose.


Shadowing (or taking part as a pair) is permitted but the whole team will compete as non competitive. The person shadowing must complete their own run before shadowing and they must not pick up a map at the start.

Results and Prize Giving

The philosophy of the Scottish Relays is that all teams are competitive. Runners need not be from the same club, they need not be of the correct age class or handicap value for the class they are running, and runners may even run twice. However, in order to be eligible to be Scottish Champions, teams must be of members of the same Scottish club, or a neighbouring club alliance, and they must fit age, gender or requirements for the class they are running. The two open classes and the age class/handicap classes all start together to enhance the racing experience.

Provisional results will be displayed in the Event Arena both electronically and on a “Results Board”.

Prize giving will be as close to1.30pm as possible.

There will be medals for 1st/2nd/3rd in the BOF 36- and 44- classes and mementoes for 1st/2nd/3rd in the senior classes 3-7.

There are trophies for the first Scottish teams in the Men's Open Class (which women can also compete in), the Women's Open Class, the Junior 36-, the Junior 44-, the overall winner of the Age Classes (the first team finishing in classes 3-7) and the first Scottish Junior Team (M/W10-20) in any of the Age Classes (classes 3-7). The last trophy has never been awarded before and is so that there is a TD5 trophy for juniors.

Protests & Complaints

There is a procedure which all competitors should follow if they feel that the Rules are not being followed.

Any complaint should initially be discussed with the Event Organiser, using the Complaints / Protests form available from Enquiries. However any approach should bear in mind that Event Officials are volunteers who have given up their valuable time to lay on the event, often under circumstances which are not ideal.

If the complaint is not resolved satisfactorily then a protest can be lodged with the Controller. The Controller will then, if necessary, convene a Jury.


In accordance with British Orienteering Child Welfare Policy and Procedures, we request that any person wishing to engage in any video, zoom or close range photography should make themselves aware of British Orienteering policy. Organisers reserve the right to challenge anyone who is giving cause for concern. If anyone has concerns about inappropriate or intrusive photography they should raise them with the Organiser or Controller.


  • Organiser: Kate Hunter (EckO)
  • Planner: Andy Dale (EckO)
  • Controller: Ross McLennan (FVO)